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IEP Calls in 1999

The sector opened 2 actions lines of the IST 1999 workprogramme in the first call of proposals published 16 March 1999.

III.2.1 Authoring and design systems

To promote more creativity and better design of European multimedia content in key application areas (knowledge, business and lifestyle publishing and geographic information) through the development of advanced content technologies. To improve multimedia authoring, design and production systems for handling radically new combinations of highly visual and interactive media forms, including 3-D, virtual reality, and broadband content. Expected benefits to be demonstrated include greater usability, functionality and productivity, as well as cross-media integration and new multi-platform publishing and broadcast applications. New distributed production processes and systems, new work flow procedures such as real-time tele-collaboration and new uses of interactive multimedia should be validated, with the active involvement of all actors concerned from production to distribution and use.

III.2.2 Content management and personalisation

To validate and demonstrate access, delivery and personalisation of heterogeneous assets in large distributed, and multi-owner collections in key application areas (knowledge, business and lifestyle publishing and geographic information). This includes the development and integration of automated content packaging and presentation systems, tailoring, Web-based and agent-based services, unified interfaces and search facilities across different information resources, new business models and dynamic transaction systems between collaborating content owners. The work is expected to contribute to open standards for interoperability and access management guidelines, including for consumer protection and privacy.

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