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IEP Calls in 2000

2nd Call for proposals

The sector opened 2 actions lines of the IST 1999 workprogramme in the second call of proposals published 1st October 1999 with a fixed deadline of 17th Jan 2000.

III.1.1 Social and business models for multimedia content

Objective: To identify the key social, economic, organisational and behavioural changes stimulated by the widespread introduction of new IST in the audio-visual, creative and information industries as well as the education and cultural sectors. To quantify the current and potential future impact on growth and employment, on education and training approaches, on linguistic and cultural diversity, on our cultural/knowledge heritage. This should include the impact of advanced interactive audio-visual systems, complementarities and convergences between networked (e.g. Internet, future Web) and broadcast (e.g. digital interactive) delivery modes, new metrics and quality control criteria for valuing information assets, new business models for multimedia, audio-visual services and disintermediated communication, effective use and management of information, as well as the identification of key areas for new business and trade development. This work is to be largely addressed by IST Support Measures.

Trials for line III.2.1 Authoring and design systems

To validate and demonstrate access, delivery and personalisation of heterogeneous assets in large distributed, and multi-owner collections in key application areas (knowledge, business and lifestyle publishing and geographic information). This includes the development and integration of automated content packaging and presentation systems, tailoring, Web-based and agent-based services, unified interfaces and search facilities across different information resources, new business models and dynamic transaction systems between collaborating content owners. The work is expected to contribute to open standards for interoperability and access management guidelines, including for consumer protection and privacy.

3rd Call for proposals

The sector opened 1 action line of the IST 2000 workprogramme in the third call of proposals published on the 10th of February 2000 with a fixed deadline of 10 May 2000.

III.1.2 Personalising content

To develop, validate and demonstrate personalised publishing and personalised delivery and advertising solutions for distributed multimedia content.

Focus is on the development and integration of :

  • Personal, user-friendly tools for access, creation, repurposing, management and publishing of multimedia content, by users for users.

At service level, work will address Web based services including :

  • Web communities, agent-based services, user profiling, and content mediated transactions, together with contextual, intelligent or adaptive access to, and delivery of, heterogeneous assets in large distributed and multi-owner collections.

The work is expected to contribute to technical work in the areas of consumer protection and privacy, IPR, open standards for interoperability and access management guidelines and business models. Proof of concepts in highly innovative areas could also be possible through submission of small preliminary RTD projects.

4th Call for proposals

The sector opened 1 action line of the IST 2000 workprogramme in the fourth call of proposals published on the 25th July 2000 with a fixed deadline of 31 October 2000.

III.1.1 Authoring interactive Web content

To foster creativity in content by developing new multimedia systems that address the areas of authoring, design and cross-media integration and production.

Natural (immersive) authoring interfaces offering enhanced content interaction, user-friendly data manipulation, digital online artistic creation and experimentation.
Interactive workflow procedures for handling radically new combinations of highly visual and interactive media forms (3D, VR and audio-visual broadband content).
New socio-economic and business models for low-cost authoring, production, delivery and exchange of audio and TV content, at regional, national and international level.

The work is expected to achieve enhanced usability of authoring systems, improved functionality and measurable increases in productivity and quality, associated with new multi-platform, cross-media publishing, entertainment and audio-visual broadcast applications.

III.1.3 Trials and test-beds for digital content authoring and personalising systems

To promote the use of new multimedia authoring and design systems as well as personalised applications of high-quality multimedia content and services in key areas (knowledge, business and lifestyle publishing, advertising and geographic information).

Trials of new multimedia authoring and design systems by content creators.
Trials to validate the technologies for personalised creation, publishing, access and delivery of distributed multimedia content.
Test-beds to validate the functionality, usability and acceptability of Internet authoring and production tools, and personalised delivery of rich multimedia content to users, including the socially excluded.

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