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Selected IST projects have been classified in different domains:

Audio/video, Creativity & Publishing

Acronym Title Fact sheet Contact Company
IST-1999-11238 G-Fors Generic Formatting for Storage PDF (email removed) Snell and WilcoxLimited
IST-1999-12116 Onradio Developing interactive radios-automated packaging personalised delivery and access PDF (email removed) Comverse Infosys
IST-1999-10165 Wedelmusic Web Delivering of Music Scores PDF (email removed) University of Florence
IST-1999-11422 Migrator 2000 Migration of Image Generation and Registration Authoring Tools to the Open Resources of JPEG2000 PDF (email removed) NetImage
IST-1999-12516 I-TV Designing, authoring and Producing Enhanced Televised Content on the Internet and on TV PDF (email removed) ALTUS Analytics
IST-1999-10147 Advisor Advisor Digital Video Storage and On-line Retrieval System   (email removed) MATRA SYSTEMES & INFORMATION
IST-1999-10149 TIPS Tools for Innovative Publishing in Science PDF
(email removed) Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati
IST-1999-20875 ENRICH ENhanced authoRIng and design of advanCed multimedia content tHrough introduction of the pantheon methodology and the integrated asset factory   (email removed) NETHERLANDS OMROEPPRODUKTIE BEDRIJF N.V
IST-2000-26354 VIZARD Video Wizard   (email removed) Joanneum Research
IST-2000-28567 CONTESSA Content Transformation Engine Supporting Universal Access   (email removed) (email removed) INTRACOM SA
IST-2000-52033 KEPT Knowledge e-Publishing Tools (email removed) MONDECA
IST- 2001-34096 2KAN JEPG2000 Advanced Networking

Claude Rollin

IST-2001-37330 MECITV Media Collaboration for Interactive TV (email removed) Gesellschaft zur Förderung Künstlerischer Informatik (GFKI) e.V.

IST-2001-38635 ICMAITN

Academic Internet Television Network

(email removed)

Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling

IST-2001-34028 BUSMAN Bringing User Satisfaction to Media Access Networks (email removed) Queen Mary, University of London
IST-2001-35142 EDiCT Enhanced Development of Interactive Content for Television (email removed) Liberate Technologies BV
IST- 2001-34542 FIGARO Federated Network of European Academic Publishers

(email removed)

Utrecht University Library
IST-2001-36022 Xaudio Use of Broadcast Audio to Assist Mobile Internet Interaction.

(email removed)

European Dynamics
A framework for the unique identification of parties in e-commerce (email removed) EDItEUR Ltd
IST-2001-35480 CATI Controlled Authoring and Translation over the Internet (email removed) Xplanation n.v.
IST-2001-34526 NUGGETS Networks Used in Globally Generic Television Systems   (email removed) (email removed) Thomson Broadcast Systems

GIS & Mobility

Acronym Title Fact sheet Contact Company
IST-1999-11641 Hypergeo Easy and friendly access to geographic information for mobile users PDF (email removed) (email removed) MATRA SYSTEMES & INFORMATION S.A.
IST-1999-11791 Faster Flexible Access to Statistics, Tables and Electronic Resources PDF (email removed) The University of Essex
IST-1999-14146 Getis GETIS "Geo-processing networks in a territorial interoperability study  

(email removed)

SICAD Geomatics GmbH & Co
IST-1999-12096 ETEMII Integrating GI into the Information Society - Accompanying Measure to support the set-up of a European Territorial Information Infrastructure PDF (email removed) ASSOCIAZIONE GISFORM
IST-2000-29493 GINIE Geographic Information Network in Europe   (email removed) OPENGIS Consortium Europe
IST-2000-30090 GIMODIG Geospatial info-mobility service by real-time data-integration and generalisation   (email removed) Finnish Geodetic Institute

Geographical traceability in agriculture

(email removed)

CCI Gers

IST-2001-34386 BRIDGE-IT BRinging Innovative Developments
for GEographic Information Technology
(email removed) Systemes & Defense Electronic S&DE/EADS
IST-2001-38720 CEGISM Centre of Excellence for Geographic Information in Spatial Management (email removed) Institute of Physical Planning and Municipal Economy
IST-2001-37994  GISEE GIS Technology and Market in South East Europe €” Study (email removed) Department of Programming and Computer Systems Applications
Technical University of Sofia
IST-2001-34641 Nature-GIS A European thematic network for Protected Areas/Nature Preservation and Geographical Information (email removed) GISIG - Geographical Information Systems International Group
IST-2000-30041 MOVIES Mobiles and Vehicles Information Enhanced Services (email removed) Matra Systemes & Information

IST-1999-57456 GEOPIE

Geo-information via Parallel Image Engineering


(email removed)

Inpho GmbH

Human representation, virtual communities, VR, entertainment

Acronym Title Fact sheet Contact Company
IST-1999-12329 Paperless Tools for paperless Animation PDF (email removed) DIGITAL VIDEO S.R.L.
IST-1999-11090 Charismatic Cultural Heritage Attractions featuring Real-time, Interactive Scenes and Multi-functional Avatars PDF (email removed) Mellon Technologies SA
IST-1999-11556 Visions Virtual Studio for Digital Storytelling PDF (email removed) CS Systèmes d'Information S.A.
IST-1999-10443 Mesh Modeling Expressions and Shapes of Human Heads PDF (email removed) (email removed) DURAN SA
IST-2000-28134 CULTOS Cultural Units, Learning Tools and Services   (email removed) (email removed) Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mBh
IST-2000-28700 MELIES Modelling Equipment for Live Electronic Streaming   (email removed) XD Productions SA
IST-2000-28197 OPENDRAMA The Digital Heritage of Opera in the Open Network Environment  

(email removed)

Space Srl
IST-2000-28094 V-MAN The Virtual Man   (email removed) CS-SI
IST-2000-28702 WORLDSTUDIO Advanced Tools and Methods for Virtual Environment Design and Production   (email removed) Eads Matra Systemes & Information
IST-2001-34755 MELISA Multiplatform e-Publishing for Leisure and Interactive Sports Advertisement (email removed) Intracom S.A.
IST-2001-35334 NEWS A new emerging animation system (email removed) Digital Video srl
IST-2001-34337 Speed-FX Very high-resolution real-time graphic interaction for the media industries (email removed) The Computer Film Company Limited
IST-2001-37117 RACINE-S Research Area Cine €” Synthesis (email removed) Pandora International Ltd
IST-2001-35103 SCALEX Scalable Exhibition Server (email removed) (email removed) FJ Joanneum Gmbh
IST-2001-34482 VISTA A Virtual Storyboarding Tool for Advertising (email removed) CS Systèmes d"Information SA
IST-2001-37422 INMOVE Intelligent Mobile Video Environment

(email removed)

Technical Research Centre of Finland
IST-2001-38846 MGAIN Mobile Entertainment Industry and Culture   (email removed) (email removed) Helsinki University of Technology


Acronym Title Fact sheet Contact Company
IST-1999-10281 B2B-ECOM Content management to support and innovate Business to Business E-Commerce PDF (email removed) WTCM
IST-2000-26264 BROADMAP Specifying and assessing BROADcaster Multi Access Portals for personalised multimedia content services.   (email removed) OSTDEUTSCHER RUNDFUNK BRANDERBURG
IST-1999-10602 IRAIA Getting Orientation in Complex Information Spaces as an Emergent Behavior of Autonomous Information PDF (email removed) (email removed) DIW
IST-1999-13123 IMAGEN Intelligent Multimedia Application Generator   (email removed) (email removed) DFKI GmbH
IST-1999-13479 C-WEB DB (email removed) ERCIM
IST-1999-11345 PEACH Production and Presentation Environment using Agents for building Information Channels PDF (email removed) Universitaet Stuttgart
IST-1999-10288 OPELIX An Open Electronic Information Commerce System PDF (email removed) Sema Group Sae
IST-1999-11056 PSI3 Personalised Services for Integrated Internet Information PDF (email removed) Ibermatica SA
IST-1999-12203 CIMWOS Combined Image and Word Spotting PDF (email removed) Institute for Language and Speech Processing

Support Measures, exploratory awards and grants

Acronym Title Fact sheet Contact Company
IST-1999-29108 RADICAL Research And Development Informed by Creative Arts Labs   (email removed) THE UNIVERSITY OF SURREY
IST-2000-25465 VNET5 Advancing User-Centred Product Creation in Interactive Electronic Publishing   (email removed) ACIT
IST-1999-12090 EPIFOCAL Electronic Publishing Information: FOCAL POINT PDF (email removed) Knowledge Exchange Technologies Ltd.
IST-2000-28130 CHIPS Consumer Hybrid Information Products and Services   (email removed) (email removed) Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Supérieure
IST-2000-29330 INFORM Information on Interactive electronic publishing   (email removed) Knowledge Exchange Technologies Ltd
IST-2000-28562 GATE Gamma Trial for Emergencies and environment   (email removed) FINSA Consulting
IST-2000-29247 EDUCAT Education Content Assembly Tool (email removed) Gazebo Computers
IST-2001-35183 ADOPT-IT Promoting the adoption of good practices in multimedia and digital content technologies and systems

(email removed)

Société Belge des Actualités Belgavox SA (BE)
IST-2002-38240 ACTEN Anticipating Content Technology Needs (email removed)

Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH

IST-2001-52128 QUEXER Cost-efficient internet-tool: QUick & flEXible updater (email removed) Krumedia Gmbh
IST-2001-52207 SYSMIC Intelligent system for music IPR collecting, management, marketing and distribution Franco Bixio Bixio C.E.M.s.a. - Compagnia Edizioni Musicali S.r.l.
IST-2001-52089 WAMOS Watermark Monitoring System For IPR Protection

(email removed)

Belgarchive Sa
IST-2001-2490 WISTAS Development of a web application for an internationally applied staff assessment system

(email removed)

Simcos GmbH
7TH EC GI & GIS WORKSHOP 7th European Commission Geographic Information and Geographic Information Systems Workshop Potsdam, Germany, 13-15 June 2001
AEI International Conference on Media Futures Florence, Italy, 8-9 May 2001
CGIV 2002 First European Conference on Colour in Graphics, Imaging and Vision Poitiers, France, 2-5 April, 2002
EWIN East West Cooperation in the Development of Interactive Media Budapest, Hungary, 10-11 May 2001
GSDI6 Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (email removed) Budapest, Hungary, 16-19 September 2002
ICVS 2001 International Conference on Virtual Storytelling 2001 Avignon, France, 27-28 September 2001
ILAS Trieste, Italy, October 2002
Imagina 2003 International Festival for Digital Images Monte Carlo, Monaco, 3-6 February 2003
ICVS 2003
CLIP 2002   (email removed)


Socio-economic actions

Acronym Title Fact sheet Contact Company
IST-1999-20193 TEDIP Technology, Economics and Diversity in the Periphery   (email removed) UNIVERSITY OF WALES, BANGOR
IST-1999-20157 ACTIVE-AD Analysis of success criteria for interactive advertising formats   (email removed) INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING RESEARCH CENTRE LTD
IST-1999-20707 HORTONET-3 A Global Horticultural Network - Social and business models for multimedia content   (email removed) FUTURE HERITAGE & HISTORIC GARDENS LTD
IST-2000-25400 MUDIA Multimedia Content in the Digital Age   (email removed) University of Maastricht
IST-2000-31038 WEBHOST Web Hosting Study (email removed) Gesellschaft fuer Technologiefoerderung Itzehoe mbH
IST-2000-26075 COMMORG Organisational consequences of e-mail introduction, adoption and diffusion   (email removed) Libera Universitá Internazionale Degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli

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