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How to find us

All our offices are located at the following building:
Directorate General Information Society
29, Avenue de Beaulieu
B - 1160 Brussels


by train
there are three main railway stations in Brussels,
  • Gare Central (Centraal Station), from where you can take the metro to Beaulieu station;
  • Gare du Midi (Zuidstation), from where you can also take the metro to Beaulieu station;
  • Gare du Nord (Noordstation), not recommended.
by plane
airport Brussels Zaventem. Beaulieu can be reached either by train (about ½ hour, train runs every 20 minutes; go to Gare Central and take the metro direction Hermann-Debroux ), or by taxi (will cost approximately ‚¬ 30).
by metro
Take the metro line 1A direction Herrmann-Debroux . Get off at Beaulieu station and take the exit marked Pont . When youre out from the Metro Station take left, cross the entrance of the Highway and keep straight, our building is on your left hand side.
Follow this link to download the metro plan of Brussels
by car
it is not recommended, as parking is very limited.

Click on the map below to zoom in
Brussels - Location of our offices

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