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Computing, Communications & Networks Higlights
Embedded Systems will be a strategic objective in Call 2. For details, please check § of the Work Programme 2003-2004 .

FP5 Unit:Computing, Communications and Networks

With the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) the Unit E1 developed further on.


The IST Unit E1 has migrated under FP6 mainly into:

Details can be found on

Unit C3 (FP6): Welcome to the new Unit Embedded Systems (FP6)

Guidance for interested people, organisation and experts

For any expert or organisation interested in the activities of Unit C3 (Embedded systems), please contact (email removed) .

Experts (reviewers, evaluators, etc...) are advised to (re)register if they wish to be considered for future activities in this domain of the IST programme.

Staff in Unit C3

If you wish to contact us, visit our list of staff .

Coming up activities

Following the concertation meeting of October 22nd 2002 , we plan an information day in Brussels to present the details of the Embedded system area and the forthcoming call for Embedded systems (expected deadline for this call: October 2003). More details will follow.

Embedded literature

Interesting embedded literature can be found on internet:

Embedded Everywhere


Wearable Computing


For your specific interest, please visit the following webpages regarding invents related to our area:

Embedded Systems Conference , Munich

sOc'2003 , Grenoble

Appliance Design , Bristol

ARTIST , Philadelphia

ISORC 2003 , Hokkaido

ECC 2003 , Cambridge

MED 2003 , Rhodes

RTS Embedded Systems 2003 , Paris

Old Unit E1 (FP5)


The mission of the Unit is to foster development and convergence of technologies related to information processing, communication and networking systems as well as promoting the adoption of these technologies.


Focusing on technologies and tools for distributed systems, real-time, embedded and advanced control systems, broadband communication networks, interoperability of networks and network management.

  • Distributed systems and services provision: to develop environments to support distributed applications;
  • Embedded systems: design and implementation of data- and/or compute-intensive real-time applications; emphasis on hard real-time (safety critical) and Advanced Control Systems
  • Network integration, interoperability and interworking: to provide broadband services to the end user;
  • Terabit core networks: to develop all-optical core/metropolitan networks; and
  • Take-up measures: to accelerate the take-up of enabling technologies which form the foundations of the information society.


  • RTD projects
  • Project clusters, Networks and Dissemination Measures
  • International Co-operation (USA, Korea)
  • Follow-up of standardisation activities
  • Co-operation with other domains and units

Computing & networking graphic

Computing & networking graphic

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