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10th Concertation Meeting of IST Communication and Network Technologies projects and associated clusters

Brussels, 10-12/03/2003

Overview of meetings


10 March

11 March

12 March


Parallel Meetings:

- Summit TPC

- LOBSTER cluster

Open session FP6 1 st Cal l

Parallel Meetings:

- SB3G

- Broadband AI. Cluster

- UWB Cluster

- Reconfigurability Cluster


Parallel Meetings:

- Summit TPC

- LOBSTER cluster

- Internet Infrastructure cluster

Concertation Plenary

Parallel Cluster Meetings:

- SB3G

- Broadband AI. Cluster

- UWB Cluster

Summit TPC

Venue: Albert Borschette - rue Froissart 36, room AB-1D

Start: 10/03/03 - at 08:30
End : 10/03/03 - at 23:00

Draft Agenda:

Selection of the papers

Conference programme definition


Lobster cluster

Venue: Avenue Beaulieu 29 - Room 0/08

Start: 10/03/03 - at 10:00
End : 10/03/03 - at 17:00

Draft Agenda: TBD

Internet Infrastructure Cluster

Venue: Albert Borschette - rue Froissart 36, room AB-0B

Start: 10/03/03 - at 14:00
End : 10/03/03 - at 18:30

Draft Agenda:

Chair : Latif Lalid

14.00 Introduction to Broadband access for all


14.20 NGNi Roadmap

M. Potts et all

15.30 Photonics roadmap

Ann Ackaert

15:45 Optical Packet Networks

Lars Dittman

16.00 CATV Roadmap

J-C Point

Coffee break

17.00 Access networks - PLC

Enrique Areizaga

17.20-17.10 Time for volunteer presentations

Monitoring & Measurement cluster


18.10 Interworking and interoperability

Sathya Rao

18.30 Conclusions

Jens Christensen

Open session on FP6 1 st Call

Following the call for proposals of 17 December 2002, the Commission is organising an information session focusing on the following Strategic Objectives of the IST priority: Mobile and Wireless Systems Beyond 3G" and "Broadband for all". The session will consist of a presentation by the Commission providing the latest information available regarding the 1st call. This will be followed by a Q&A session. The meeting will then be split by instrument and area to facilitate the interchange of ideas for the preparation of proposals. If you would like to present your idea or your company expertise to join ongoing initiatives please send your presentation (5 slides max.) to (email removed) by March 7th 2003.

Venue: Albert Borschette - rue Froissart 36, room AB-0A

Start: 11/03/03 - at 09:00
End : 11/03/03 - at 13:00

Draft Agenda:


Instruments, proposal submission and evaluation in the IST Calls , Morten Moller



Presentation of project ideas

  • MIDAS :. Mobile Infrastructure Dynamic Adaptation to data Services
  • MUSE "Multi-Service Everywhere"
  • SelfOn : Mobility and Self Organising Networks
  • STREP :. Value-added Wifi for home environment
  • SWIM : Spectrally Efficient Wireless Multimedia Communication Systems & Networks

Offers of partnership

Strategic Objectives: "Wireless & Mobile Systems Beyond 3G" and "Broadband for All" , Joao Dasilva
  • Q&A

Concertation Plenary

Venue: Albert Borschette - rue Froissart 36, room AB-0A

Start: 11/03/03 - at 14:00
End : 11/03/03 - at 18:00

Draft Agenda:


UWB Overview

Robert van Muijen (PRODEMIS)
Round Table on Trends in Wireless Communications Cees Lanting (NEXWAY)

DSA requirements on re-configurability

David Grandblaise (OverDRIVE)

Coffee break

Ending projects Presentations of results and lessons learnt:



Domain status and plans

Programme management issues

Closure of projects

ALL payments should be completed 12 months after the project end date.

Not used budget will be de-committed.

If you anticipate problems, ask for a time extension to the contract.

Dissemination obligation

Papers, conferences, books.

News releases

Planned meetings (SUMMIT, Concertation Meetings, project workshops...)

Cluster status (SB3G, BAI , UWB ? Internet Infrastucture, ...)


Broadband Air Interfaces Cluster Meeting

Venue: Avenue Beaulieu 29 - Room 0/08

Start: 12/03/03 - at 9:30
End : 12/03/03 - at 15:30

Draft Agenda:


- Welcome & agenda approval
- Technical presentations: scenarios in the different projects of the cluster
- Discussions on synergies between the scenarios
- Discussions on a methodology to compare the air interfaces
- Preparation of the BAI workshop, in December 2003.

Systems Beyond 3G Cluster Meeting

Venue: Avenue de Beaulieu 33 - room 0/54

Start: 12/03/03 - at 9:00
End : 12/03/03 - at 13:00

Draft Agenda:
Cluster issues (chair Hong-Yon Lach)





SB3G Cluster operation ( Hong-Yon Lach)

Cluster website update (Ralf Toenjes )

Cluster Report update and process update (Hong-Yon Lach)

AOB (Hong-Yon Lach)

Technical Session (chair Ralf Toenjes)







Report on ISART 2003 Conference in USA (Dave Evans)

A Laboratory Regenerative Satellite Platform With Dynamic Bandwidth Management Capabilities (Vassiliki Apostolopoulou, REPOSIT)

IP ConferEncing with Broadband multimedia ovER Geostationary Satellites (Antonio Sanchez, CEBERGS)

Mobiliy Issues in Credo (Marco Fratti, CREDO)

Wireless IPv6 in OverDRiVE (Ralf Tönjes, OVERDRIVE)

WLAN and UMTS convergence architecture for aircraft cabin (Núria Riera, Wireless Cabin)

Reconfigurability Cluster

Venue: Avenue Beaulieu 24 - Room 0/61

Start: 12/03/03 - at 09:00
End : 12/03/03 - at 17:00

Draft Agenda: TBD

UWB Cluster

Venue: Avenue Beaulieu 29 - Room 7/63

Start: 12/03/03 - at 14:00
End : 12/03/03 - at 17:30

Draft Agenda:


UCAN channel model and co-existence report , Manuel Lobeira (Univ. CAN)

Coexistence with FWA systems, Romeo Guliano (RL)

Coexistence with IEEE802.11b , Ian Opperman (Oulu)

Analysis on the UWB interference with cellular systems, Sven Zeisberg (TU Dresden)

Detection and suppression of mutual interference between narrowband and TH-IR systems , Jac Romme (IMST)

Short status report of URAN , Norbert Schmidt (IMST)


Contact points - info

Concertation Meeting Plenary
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Contact person of the cluster
Chairman: (email removed)
Vice-Chairman: (email removed)

Contact persons in the European Commission
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Ultra Wideband meeting
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Internet Infrastructure Cluster
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