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Cluster on Beyond 3G System Architectures

Start date

March 2004 (continuation of SB3G cluster of FP5)

B3G system

  • A system that supports seamless IP-based mobile multiparty multimedia services over heterogeneous wired and wireless networks.


  • B3G system scenarios, architectures, roadmaps, and social-economics
  • IP support in networks such as cellular, broadcast, WLAN and satellite networks
  • IP-based convergence and integration of wired and wireless, fixed and mobile networks
  • Performance, functional, inter-layer interaction, security and management enhancement of IP networking technologies to enable seamless mobile networking over existing and emerging, wired and wireless networks


  • Provide a forum to facilitate knowledge sharing and leverage of B3G networking technologies to enable B3G systems


  • Produce B3G-SA Cluster Report releases to consolidate results of IST B3G networking research activities
  • Recommendations to EU programs on B3G systems

Reports and Papers

Documents Authors Date Size
B3G Report Several authors 10/2003 pdf 3.704 KB
IPv6 activities of the "Systems beyond 3G" cluster Several authors 07/2002 Zipped pdf 50 KB
A Vision on Systems beyond 3G Several authors 02/2002 Zipped pdf 784 KB

Meetings and Workshops

Future Meetings

Previous Meetings




Contact person of the cluster
Chairman: (email removed)
Vice-Chairman: (email removed)
Contact persons in the European Commission
(email removed)

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