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IPv6 related projects summaries available , as of September 2002. Zipped 745 KB

Co-ordinated by Unit E 4

BRAIN Broadband Radio Access for IP based Networks doc 70KB
CODIS Content Delivery Improvement by Satellite doc 173 KB
DRiVE Dynamic Radio for IP-Services in Vehicular Environments doc 169 KB
EVOLUTE SeamlEss multimedia serVices Over alL IP-based infrastrUcTurEs pdf 41 KB
MIND Mobile IP based Network Developments doc 436 KB
MOBY DICK Mobility and Differentiated Services in a Future IP Network doc 61 KB
MODIS Mobile Digital Broadcast Satellite pdf 94 KB
OVERDRIVE Spectrum Efficient Uni- and Multicast Services Over Dynamic Multi-Radio Networks in Vehicular Environments pdf 195 KB
SATIP6 Satellite Broadband Multimedia System for IPv6 Access pdf 99 KB
SUITED Multi-Segment System for Broadband Ubiquitous Access to Internet Services and Demonstrator doc 164 KB
WINE GLASS Wireless IP Network as a Generic Platform for Location Aware Service Support pdf 22 KB
WIRELESSCABIN Development and Demonstrator of Wireless Access for Multimedia Services in Aircraft Cabins pdf 95 KB

Co-ordinated by other Units

6INIT IPv6 INternet IniTiative pdf 16 KB
6LINK IPv6 Projects Linkage Cluster pdf 21 KB
6NET IPv6 Research NETwork (6NET) pdf 21 KB
6POWER IPv6, QoS & Power Line Integration pdf 11 KB
6QM IPv6 QoS Measurement pdf 52 KB
6WINIT (cordis search) IPv6 Wireless Internet Initiative pdf 19 KB
AQUILA Adaptive resource control for QoS Using an IP-based Layered Architecture pdf 13 KB
EURO6IX European IPv6 Internet Exchanges Backbone pdf 120 KB
EUROV6 (cordis search) The European IPv6 Showcase pdf 19 KB
GCAP (cordis search) Global Communication Architecture and Protocols for new QoS services over IPv6 Networks pdf 8 KB
GEOCAST Multicast Over Geostationary EHF Satellites pdf 10 KB
HARMONICS Hybrid Access Reconfigurable Multi-wavelength Optical Networks for IP-based Communication Services pdf 11 KB
IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee pdf 30 KB
LONG (cordis search) Laboratories over Next Generation Networks pdf 15 KB
NETGATE (cordis search) Advanced Network Adapter for the new Generation of mobile and IP based Networks pdf 7 KB
NGN-INITIATIVE Next Generation Networks Initiative pdf 46 KB
NGN-LAB Next Generation Networks Laboratory pdf 26 KB
SEQUIN (cordis search) SErvice QUality across Independently managed Networks pdf 8 KB
WINE (cordis search) Wireless Internet Networks pdf 11 KB

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