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Active Projects

IST project summaries available , as of September 2002. Zipped 3.884 KB

IST Project number Acronym Title Doc
IST-2001-37385 6HOP Protocols for Heterogeneous Multi-Hop Wireless IPv6 Networks
IST-1999-10731 ADAMAS ADAptive Multicarrier Access System pdf 177 KB
IST-2000-26222 ANTIUM Advanced NeTwork radio Identification equipment for Universal Mobile communications pdf 74 KB
IST-2000-25133 ARROWS Advanced Radio Resource Management for Wireless Services pdf 80 KB
IST-2001-38791 AWARE Accompanying measure for the application of the article 169 to european regions for strenghtening the era in the IST domain of wireless technologies) pdf 14KB
IST-2000-31079 BLUE Bluetooth communications facilities for Electronic Scales pdf 91 KB
IST-2001-32686 BROADWAY The way to broadband access at 60GHz pdf 22 KB
IST-1999-10287 CAST Configurable radio with Advanced Software Technology pdf 150 KB
IST-2001-38229 CAUTION ++ Capacity and network management platform for increased utilization of wireless systems of next generation++ pdf 139 KB
IST-2000-25382 CELLO CELlular network optimisation based on mobile LOcation pdf 188 KB
IST-2000-30066 CODIS Content Delivery Improvement by Satellite pdf 70 KB
IST-2001-33093 CREDO Composite Radio and Enhanced Service Delivery for the Olympics pdf 45 KB
IST-2000-26040 EMILY European Mobile Integrated Location sYstem pdf 145 KB
IST-2001-33182 ESTA Ethernet Switching at Ten Gigabit and Above
IST-2001-32449 EVOLUTE SeamlEss multimedia serVices Over alL IP-based infrastrUcTurEs pdf 41 KB
IST-2000-30116 FITNESS Fourth-generation Intelligent Transparent Networks Enhanced through Space-time Systems pdf 13 KB
IST-2000-28695 FLEXIMATV Flexible and Intelligent (S)MATV systems pdf 24 KB
IST-2001-32125 FLOWS (Flexible Convergence of Wireless Standards and Services) pdf 11 KB
IST-2000-25355 FUTURE Functional UMTS Real Emulator pdf 101 KB
IST-2000-25091 IBIS Integrated Broadcast Interaction System pdf 88 KB
IST-2000-30148 I-METRA Intelligent Multi-Element Transmit and Receive Antennas pdf 205 KB
IST-2000-30155 LOVEUS Location Aware Visually Enhanced Ubiquitous Services pdf 44 KB
IST-2001-32620 MATRICE Multicarrier CDMA TRansmission Techniques for Integrated Broadband CEllular Systems pdf 11 KB
IST-2001-37961 MESCAL Management of End-to-end Quality of Service Across the Internet at Large
IST-2000-25394 MOBY DICK Mobility and Differentiated Services in a Future IP Network pdf 31 KB
IST-2001-34263 MODIS Mobile Digital Broadcast Satellites pdf 94 KB
IST-2001-34561 MUMOR Multi Mode Radio pdf 38 KB
IST-2000-25390 OBANET Optically Beam-formed Antennas for adaptive broadband fixed and mobile wireless access NETworks pdf 143 KB
IST-2001-36063 OPIUM Open Platform for Integration of UMTS Middleware pdf 15 KB
IST-2001-35125 OVERDRIVE Spectrum Efficient Uni- and Multicast Services Over Dynamic Multi-Radio Networks in Vehicular Environments pdf 195 KB
IST-2001-34157 PACWOMAN Power Aware Communications for Wireless OptiMised personel Area Network pdf 31 KB
IST-2000-26459 PRODEMIS PROmotion and Dissemination of the European Mobile Information Society pdf 14 KB
IST-2001-33307 QoSAM Quality of Services in the digitised AM Bands pdf 37 KB
IST-2001-34692 REPOSIT Recommendations for Internet Usage on 2.5G and 3G - RIU253 pdf 53 KB
IST-1999-11316 R-FIELDBUS High Performance Wireless Fieldbus In Industrial Related Multi-Media Environment pdf 22 KB
IST-2001-36510 RIU253 Recommendations for Internet Usage on 2.5G and 3G - RIU253 pdf 19 KB
IST-2001-32549 ROMANTIK ResOurce Managment and AdvaNced Transceiver algorIthms for multihop networKs pdf 55KB
IST-2000-25030 SATIN Satellite-UMTS IP-based Network pdf 101 KB
IST-2001-34344 SATIP6 Satellite Broadband Multimedia System for IPv6 Access pdf 99 KB
IST-2001-34091 SCOUT Smart User-centric Communication Environment pdf 374 KB
IST-2000-25350 SHAMAN Secure Heterogeneous Access for Mobile Applications and Networks pdf 23 KB
IST-2000-30173 STINGRAY Space Time codING for Reconfigurable wireless Access sYstems pdf 108 KB
IST-2001-38354 STRIKE SpecTRally efficient fIxed wireless networK basEd on dual standards pdf 30 KB
IST-2001-32710 UCAN Ultra-wideband Concepts for Ad-hoc Networks pdf 24 KB
IST-2001-35189 ULTRAWAVES ULTRA Wideband Audio Video Entertainment Systems pdf 27 KB
IST-1999-20947 WIN Wireless Internet Network pdf 91 KB
IST-1999-10025 WIND-FLEX Wireless Indoor Flexible High Bitrate Modem Architecture pdf 29 KB
IST-2001-37466 WIRELESSCABIN Development and Demonstrator of Wireless Access for Multimedia Services in Aircraft Cabins pdf 95 KB
IST-1999-21056 WIRELESSINFO Wireless supporting agricultural and forestry informations system pdf 104 KB
IST-2001-37680 WWRI Wireless World Research Initiative pdf 13 KB
IST-1999-12300 WSI Wireless Strategic Initiative pdf 24 KB


This material has been provided by European funded projects.
For any further usage the source shall be clearly indicated.

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