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Welcome to Subsystems, Microsystems and Peripherals


The focus of this topic is on the intelligent miniaturised modules and key components which underpin electronic systems. Machines are becoming increasingly intelligent and communicative whilst interacting with us and with each other. Various fields of application are addresses, including: communications, automotive, medical, industrial and domestic.


Subsystems technologies addresses critical building blocks based on electronic multi-component assemblies for future applications. The emphasis is on improved properties of electronic subsystems including portability, reusability, scalability low power and low cost. The scope covers advanced interconnection and packaging technologies towards the system in a package approach. The addresses systems design and partitioning methodologies as well as novel testing techniques. It includes the assessment of advanced equipment for the manufacture of electronics subsystems as well as services to facilitate the access of users to advanced subsystem integration technologies.


Microsystems comprise intelligent miniaturised systems combining sensing and/or actuating with processing functions in hybrid or monolithic form. The objective is to develop and validate multi-function intelligent micro-systems and stimulate their industrial take-up. The activities cover research and development to enhance the technology and manufacturing base; design tools, methods and test, packaging, assembly and integration; and include application experiments. The provision of access to technologies, first user actions and the assessment of advanced prototype equipment is also included.


Peripherals technologies the objective is to develop and demonstrate advanced technologies for mass storage subsystems e.g. for low-power, portable or harsh environment applications.

Last updated: 25 | 11 | 2002

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