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Programmes & Background

Workshop 2 May 2002, Brussels, Belgium

Software Technologies, Embedded Systems and Distributed Systems in the sixth Framework Programme for EU research.

About 100 people attended the workshop and about the same number had to be refused because of lack of space. Commission staff gave two introductory presentations on FP6: one about the instruments in FP6 and the other one on the role of IST in FP6 . The rest of the day went with short presentations by the audience on suggestions for Integrated projects or Networks of Excellence. The themes can be grouped as belonging to 6 domains:

CBSE, Architecture, Product Lines
Easy ("plug n play") composition of components. Interplay between (reference) architectures and components fitting such architectures. Productivity improvement through the combination of components and product lines.
Embedded Systems
Component-based design and development of distributed embedded systems. Embedded software architectures and components for distributed appliances in a pervasive, wireless computing environment. Methods for the design, implementation and validation of fault-tolerant, embedded, distributed systems supported by certified software tools and generic COTS software/ hardware components. Novel approaches for providing computing density for intelligent embedded systems combined with run-time adaptation and shorter time-to-market delivery.
Development Environments and support for methods
Development environments as an open issue for CBSE, services development and embedded systems. Development environments viewed as horizontally integrating with other domains (mechanical, electrical).
Service platforms for mobile applications
Application development environments, high-level terminal-network and client-server interfaces, terminal components and service platform components for the provision of personalised, adaptive and context-aware services. Experimentation with new applications and concepts, new revenue streams and segmented user groups. Research in service discovery, management, deployment and control.
Open Source
Further open source development of Linux. Open source as a means to alleviate the problems with the description and quality assurance of black box components. Development of a platform for the collective management of software COTS and open source software, under an open contents licence.
Other software engineering concerns
Testing methodologies, quality assurance of non-functional requirements, software performance engineering and static analysis of program code through abstract interpretation.

We wish to thank the participants for coming and in particular the presenters for sharing their ideas. Needless to say that wa regret that this was not possible to accomodate all that wished to come.

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