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Framework Programme 5

There has been a natural evolution in the work since 1999 as reflected in the work programmes. Generally speaking it addresses generic technologies and engineering for the development, deployment, operation and evolution of software intensive systems embedded in goods and services, as well as facilitating production and enterprise processes. The focus is on software architecture and adaptive end user services on mobile devices, as well as on stimulation of open source software developments. Work will complement activities in other international programmes, e.g. EUREKA/ITEA.

Accompanying Measures, including Take-up, form an important part of the work.

By stressing open source software, possibly together with free software, and by focussing on plug and play capabilities of service engineering environments, and on software development for embedded objects, the work helps software developers and system-integrators to stay competitive.

Workprogramme 2002 - Action Lines
IV.3.1 Composability and dynamic adaptability in software, systems and services
Workprogramme 2001 - Action Lines
IV.3.1 Software architecture
IV.3.2 Functionality models and building blocks for end user services
IV.3.3 Free software development: towards critical mass
Workprogramme 2000 - Action Lines
IV.3.1 Distributed development of software and systems
IV.3.2 Software-Engineering for generic end-user services
IV.3.3 User-centered interaction and functionality design
IV.3.4 Software, systems and services - take-up measures
IV.3.5 Software, systems and services - thematic networks, accompanying measures
Workprogramme 1999 - Action Lines
IV.3.1 Component-based software engineering
IV.3.2 Engineering of intelligent services
IV.3.3 Methods and tools for intelligence and knowledge sharing
IV.3.4 Information management methods

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