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The role of Software and Services

The role of Software and Services

In the Information Society we have several raw materials. They come in form of commodity components, e.g. computer chips or software components. Software is more than meets the eye. In value and employment, software services like running a network for inter bank balances, and embedded systems are much bigger than office suites. A luxury car today has 50-60 processors which all need to be "filled" with software (environment-, security-, navigation requirements).

New services emerging from the convergence of Telecom networks, media and the IT industry provide an important opportunity for increased European competitiveness. The real challenge is to get new value out of the ability for software and information to travel on networks.

Europe is strong in this area. Its key ability is engineering of software and services. This needs critical mass also in times of convergence. We therefore develop the ingredients one needs Europe-wide to provide innovative products and services.

We develop the software supply industry but also look at the human capital needed for it and help with the Technology Transfer from the supplier to the user.

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