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Programmes & Background


Background documents, Issues papers and Position statements

Software and Services

  • ITEA Rainbow Book: "Leapfrogging the Gap in Software for Software Intensive Systems to Boost European Competitiveness"
  • PITAC presentation on Open Source for High-Performance Computing
  • Presidents Information Technology Advisory Committee Report to the President : Information Technology Research: Investing in Our Future
  • A survey of software engineering in Japan
  • Eric Bergman, Donald A. Norman: " Making Technology Invisible: A Conversation with Don Norman "
  • Dan R. Olsen Jr.: " Interacting in Chaos ", Interactions, (Sept-Oct. 1999)
  • Jacques Bus, "The IST programme and Software Engineering", in: John J. Marciniak, ed., "Encyclopedia of Software Engineering" Second Edition (to be published by John Wiley & Sons in August 2001)

Knowledge and Information access

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