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Work Programme 2001

IV.3 Technologies and engineering for software, systems and services

IST 2001 - IV.3.1 Software architecture

To ensure at the architectural level that required properties for the final software system will be met.
The focus is on models and notations for describing systems architectures and being able to reason about them. The main concern is to guarantee required quality attributes (for instance on scalability, performance and reliability) of systems. Related aspects include:
  1. Constraints coming from existing components in an architecture definition process,
  2. Support for structural variability and system families,
  3. Run time system evolution, especially dynamic components interconnection for the deployment of agile and integrated processes cutting across organisations, and
  4. Domain specific architectural styles.
Types of actions addressed:
Research and Development, Demonstration and Combined projects.
Links with WP 2000:
Refocusing of Action Line: IST2000 - IV.3.1

IST 2001 - IV.3.2 Functionality models and building blocks for end user services

To enable adaptive end user services on mobile devices for information creation, exchange, storage and access.
  1. Reference models for the content and functionality of end user services: open and extensible frameworks for meta-information on services and their components, including semantic information (what functionality does the component or the service provide) and dynamic behavioural and operational aspects (how does it interact, collaborate and negotiate functionality and behaviour).
  2. Architectures and mechanisms for automated brokering of service components through dynamic registration and discovery mechanisms in mobile environments.
  3. Trials for usage centred interaction and functionality design for software on mobile devices

Projects in (i) and (ii) must include relevant testbed implementations for proof of concept.

Types of actions addressed:
For (i) and (ii): Research and Development, Demonstration and Combined projects. For (iii): Trials.
Links with WP 2000:
Further focused Action Line IST 2000 - IV.3.2

IST 2001 - IV.3.3 Free software development: towards critical mass

  1. To foster in Europe a critical mass of development of free software released under GPL-compatible licenses.
  2. To make available European based support services for free software projects.
  1. Support services for free software developers at all stages of the project lifecycle: project hosting, certification, release, repositories, dissemination.
  2. Trials of free software development in the following fields: media technology for personal users, co-operative information production and sharing, and usability.
  3. Socio-economic studies on technology assessment, economic assessment and derived business models
Types of actions addressed:
Trials and studies Accompanying Measures.
Links with WP 2000:
Further focused Action Lines IST 2000 - IV.3.4 and IV.3.5

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