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Networked Audiovisual Systems
for Rich Media Communication

Welcome to Interfaces, Simulation & Visualisation Technologies

Unit E3 integrates simulation, visualisation and interfacing technologies. Complementing the work of other units within IST, it aims at supporting horizontal integration of technologies at both ends of the multimedia delivery and communication chain in order to facilitate the deployment of new and attractive services.

Unit E3 will promote the transfer of leading-edge technology from high-end systems development such as those carried out in the advanced simulation and visualisation areas, towards consumer systems for both broadcast delivery and highly interactive communication applications. The work will serve both corporate users in a variety of industries and end-users through a range of traditional and new service providers. For high-end systems, the emphasis will be on novel, high-capacity, high-impact systems possibly exploiting dual technologies. For the exploitation in consumer systems, the focus will be on standardisation and low-cost aspects.

It is expected that projects within E3 will provide the basic technology for the image-intensive, networked virtual, augmented and mixed environments of the future. They will lay the foundations for a new digital media which promises to be highly visual, interactive, distributed, life-like, three-dimensional, high-fidelity, intuitive, and intelligent.

Simulation, Visualisation and Interfaces Integration Model

Service & User/Service Interfaces

Note: All areas contribute to standards

Simulation, Visualisation and Interfacing Technologies Action Lines IV.4.1/2, IV.6.1

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