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Superpeer Semantic Search Engine

ALVIS has conducted research in the design, use and interoperability of topic-specific search engines with the goal of developing an open source prototype of a distributed, semantic-based search engine.

  • Contribution to standards (e.g. Z39.50).
  • Making other agencies open to supportive policies for Open Source Search.
  • Opening up a distributed search infrastructure built on automatic technology for handling semantics, with the intention of  ensuring the health of future semantic-based services in Europe.
  • Bringing together context-aware search engine research across Europe.

The Open source architecture for a search system that allows semantic enrichment of documents with integrated tools for text and topic analysis.

Peer-to-peer infrastructure for full-text document retrieval.

Find also:

The peer-to-peer system has been tested and demonstrations have been developed on

  • Chinese language material
  • the Wikipedia
  • news on search engines
Find also: Demos to highlight various aspects of Alvis search technology .


More details


Administrative Details


  • ALVIS (IST-FP6-002068) was a STREP project under the EU 6th Framework programme.
  • The project started on 1 January 2004 and finished on 31 December 2006.
  • The overall budget was of 3.69 million euros, with a project funding of 2.26 million euros.
  • There have been involved ten partners from seven European countries and from China. The Coordinator Site: Helsinki University of Technology.


List of participants


  • Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Finland.
  • Unite Mathematique, Informatique et Genome, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, France.
  • Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Distributed Information Systems Lab , Switzerland.
  • Lund University, Department of Information Technology, Sweden.
  • Technical University of Denmark, Center of Knowledge Technology.
  • Index Data Aps, Denmark.
  • Exalead SA, France.
  • Universite Paris-Nord, Laboratoire d'Informatique, France.
  • ALMA Bioinformatica, Spain.
  • Jozef Stefan Institute, Department of Intelligent Systems and Department of Knowledge Technologies, Slovenia.
  • Tsinghua University, Department of Computer Science and Technology, China.



Administrative contact: (email removed)

Technical contact: (email removed)

Events in connection with ALVIS

European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries (ECDL 2006), 17-22 September 2006, in Alicante, Spain. Demonstration: ' ALVIS - Superpeer Semantic Search Engine '

International Workshop on Intelligent Information Access ( IIIA-2006 ), 6-8 July, 2006 in Helsinki, Finland.