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CARETAKER - Content Analysis and REtrieval Technologies to Apply Knowledge Extraction to massive Recording

The CARETAKER project aimed at studying, developing and assessing multimedia knowledge-based content analysis, knowledge extraction components, and metadata management sub-systems in the context of automated situation awareness, diagnosis and decision support.


CARETAKER investigated techniques allowing the automatic extraction of relevant semantic metadata from raw multimedia, to explore the value of the extracted information to relevant users, and to demonstrate this in a framework that preserves the privacy of the individual. More precisely, CARETAKER focused on the extraction of a structured knowledge from multimedia collections recorded over a network of camera and microphones. Thus, the overall goal of CARETAKER was to investigate current and novel technologies to extract and exploit this information, by evaluating them in a real test case (Metro of Roma), while exploring the added-value of this technology for real users.

Main innovation

CARETAKER brought innovations in the following fields:

  • Knowledge representation and acquisition: The explicit formal representation of the events, entities and relations in the scene is known as an 'ontology' allowing users to express their needs, define their scenario of interest or their potential queries to the knowledge system.
  • Content extraction and knowledge discovery: These issues will be covered by the investigation of hybrid systems combining the advantages of data/event-driven probabilistic techniques and of user-driven ontology-based recognition techniques to model user knowledge, scenarios and entity relationships.
  • Content access: Two innovative user-centred ontology- and data/event-driven demonstrators will be achieved providing web-service oriented access from low to high-level semantic events.


More details
Administrative Details
  • CARETAKER (IST-4-027231) is a Specific Targeted Project of the European Union's 6th Framework Program - call 4.
  • CARETAKER started on 1 March 2006 and finished on 30 August 2008, and the overall Budget is 2.9 million euros.
  • Eight partners from seven European countries were involved in the project.
List of Participants
  • Thales Communications (prime contractor), France
  • Multitel, Belgium
  • INRIA, France
  • Kingston University, United Kingdom
  • IDIAP, Switzerland
  • ATAC, Italy
  • Solid, Finland
  • Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
Contact Persons
Bertrand Ravera
Thales Communications
Multimedia Processing Laboratory
146 Boulevard de Valmy, BP 82, 92704 Colombes cedex, FRANCE
(email removed)
Events in connection with CARETAKER