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Call-3 in Motion: Challenge 4 – Intelligent Content and Semantics

Information days, 12-13 December 2007, Jean Monnet building, Luxembourg

This successful two-day workshop with 20 invited speakers and 350 registered participants provided information and networking opportunities for the research and industrial communities considering submitting a proposal under the 3 rd call. At the same time there were FP6 showcases, presentations of selected Call 1 projects, as well as preliminary discussions about possible research directions beyond 2008.

Poster sessions ran in parallel to the sessions and took place throughout the two days of the event. The Skills Marketplace offered the participants the chance to present their organisation and perhaps find the ideal partner for that winning proposal.

Program: 12 December 2007

Day 1 of the workshop concentrated on FP6. Coordinators of a few selected ongoing projects presented their results so far.

  • FP6 projects (62 projects clustered in seven themes along the FP7 research lines).

In a parallel session, issues concerning the impact and uptake of research results were discussed. The conclusions of a recent impact assessment study were presented and speakers from industry discussed how new technology can be successfully brought to the market.

Track 1: FP6 Showcase

The session was chaired by Mr Stefano Bertolo, INFSO.E2

Speakers and presentations
Dr Martin Dzbor ( NeOn Website )
NEON - Lifecycle Support for Networked Ontologies ( PDF , 1.660KB)
Dr Kalina Bontcheva ( Coordinator TAO )
TAO – Transitioning Applications to Ontologies ( PDF , 940KB)
Demos accompanying the presentation, including link to software downloads
Prof. Levent Onural ( Coordinator 3DTV )
3DTV Network of Excellence ( PDF , 530KB)
Prof. Dr Werner Haas ( Coordinator SALERO )
SALERO - Semantic Audiovisual Entertainment Reusable Objects: Vision, Objectives and Results ( PDF , 2.157KB)
Mr Benoit Michel ( IP-RACINE website )
IP-RACINE is Unifying the Digital Cinema chain - from scene to screen ( PDF , 1.783KB)
Prof. Fabio Ciravegna ( Project Director X-MEDIA )
X-MEDIA - Large Scale Knowledge Sharing and Reuse across Media ( PDF , 7.220KB)
Dr John Domingue ( SUPER website )
SUPER – Semantic Utilised for Process management within and between Enterprises
Dr Ansgar Bernardi ( Coordinator NEPOMUK )
NEPOMUK – The Social Semantic Desktop ( PDF , 3.082KB)
Track 2: Impact and Uptake

The session was chaired by Mr Ralph Fiergolla, INFSO.E2

Speakers and presentations
Ms Alexandra Rammer, Technopolis Group
Presentation of the final report:
Mr Sven Arne Gylterud, FAST Search & Transfer
From research to global leader ( PDF , 2.666KB)
Prof. Dr Jürgen Angele, ONTOPRISE
Research Results @ Business ( PDF , 988KB)
Mr Ruben Riestra, INMARK and Mr John Simcox, OVUM
VALUE-IT – Adding value to RTD ( PDF , 829KB)
Dr Julián Seseña, NEM Technology Platform
'Networked and Electronic Media': NEM - The birth of a new sector ( PDF , 1.570KB)

Program: 13 December 2007

The second day of the workshop concentrated on Call 3. It was opened and chaired by Mr Roberto Cencioni, Head of Unit, INFSO E.2.

Based on the presentations and discussions of previous day, proposers were able to see what ground has been covered in FP6, thus enabling them to better address the themes of the Call in their proposals. This is intended to build on previous results, break new grounds and avoid duplication of work. Successful proposers from the first FP7 Call present ed a number of projects that are expected to start in the first quarter of 2008.

Future research directions were discussed. This dialogue was intended to pave the way for the new work programme in areas particularly relevant for the 'Content and Knowledge' unit, by setting boundary conditions, identifying key options and requirements, and addressing new trends and challenges that have emerged in the last year or two.

Presentation of selected FP7-ICT Call 1 projects
Speakers and presentations
Dr Sebastian Schaffert ( Coordinator KIWI )
KIWI - Knowledge in a Wiki ( PDF , 1.922KB)
Prof. Bianca Falcidieno ( Coordinator FOCUS K3D )
FOCUS K3D - Coordination Action in the area of semantic coding of 3D media content ( PDF , 5.446KB)
Mr Paul Warren ( ACTIVE )
ACTIVE - Enabling the Knowledge Powered Enterprise ( PDF , 338KB)
Mr Tom Evans ( speaking on behalf of Dr Bill Collis, Project Leader i3DPOST )
I3DPOST - Intelligent 3D content extraction and manipulation for film and games ( PDF , 675KB)
Presentation of Call 3, Q&A cont'd

The session was chaired by Mr Roberto Cencioni, Head of Unit, INFSO.E2, and followed by Q&A.

Future research directions, discussion

The session was chaired by Mr Stefano Bertolo, INFSO.E2, and followed by Q&A.

Skills Marketplace

The session was chaired by Kypros Kyprianou, INFSO.E2

Interested delegates were given a 5-minute slot to present their organisation's main areas of work. This was intended to be a partner-finding opportunity where delegates stated what skills they can offer, or what they are looking for. The session was open to any interested party; in particular organisations with little or no previous experience in EU funded programmes were welcome.

  • Find here the list of speakers and their presentations.
Poster session

The poster session was open to both projects who wished to showcase their work and organisations who wished to advertise their skills.

Preparation and Submission of Proposals

Applications for funding of research projects can now be submitted under FP7-ICT Call 3 , published on 4 December 2007. Closing date of the call is 8 April 2008.

We invite you to submit a brief outline of your proposal by e-mail, in order to get preliminary feedback on its perceived relevance from EC staff, within a few working days. Please find further information on the dedicated Call 3 page: 'Content and Knowledge'.