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Next Generation Business Intelligence
Multi-industry, Semantic-based next generation business INtelliGence

MUSING aimed at creating a spectrum of innovative, efficient solutions for Business Intelligence (BI) that is semantic-based and applicable to multiple industries of the knowledge economy. Musing looked to answer the need of many companies who are drowning in data whilst striving for information at the same time.


The MUSING mission intended to shape next generation BI, bringing benefits particularly for the financial sector and SMEs by ensuring they have more effective access to credit. MUSING impacted positively on the processes of internationalisation, empowering companies to manage their operational risks more effectively, while also providing a multiplier effect for scientific technologies.

Main innovation

The overall objective of MUSING was to develop a self-adapting system that integrates and specialises high-level semantic technologies in the domain of BI, augmenting the effectiveness of operations in a range of industries. MUSING innovation comprised technological foundation, integration, and applications and methodologies in the three project streams: finance, internationalisation and operational risk management. The breakthrough impact of MUSING was measured as a result of user-driven research developments in these three domains.

More details

The MUSING project's research tried to pave the way for developments in three vertical domains:

    MUSING worked on developing and validating Next Generation (Basel II & beyond) semantic based BI solutions focusing on Credit Risk Management.
    To keep up with the developments of the Global economy, more and more enterprises are evolving their local businesses by transforming them internationally. MUSING tried to directly deal with developing internationalisation platforms which brought access to information to assist in the creation of international partnerships.
    Today, IT-intensive organisations are faced with significant operational risks arising from IT systems. General OECD - Information Security Guidelines are pushing enterprises towards installing complex systems to respond to certain types of risk management. MUSING, tried to provide innovative solutions to ensure effective operational risk management.

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Administrative details

MUSING is an Integrated Project (IP), financed by the 6th Framework Programme of the EU, contract number FP-027097.

The project started on 1 June 2006 and will finished on 31 March 2010.

14 partners from 8 European countries have been involved in the project.

List of participants

The consortium partners consist of:

  • four SMEs, one being the coordinating partner;
  • four industrial organisations;
  • five academic insititutions and
  • one research body.

These have all come together with their experience as leaders in a number of related technology, application and service areas fundamental for the success of MUSING dealing with Financial and Operational Risk Management, and Business Information Systems. The partners are:

Metaware S.p.A., Italy; ( Co-ordinator )

CI Consultants Limited, Ireland;

Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V., Germany;

Deutsches Forschungszentrum fur Kunstliche Intelligenz GmbH, Germany,

European Business Register, Belgium,

KPA Ltd., Israel, S.p.A., Italy;

Numerica SA, SME, Romania;

University of Innsbruck, Austria;

University of Limerick, Ireland;

University of Pavia, Italy;

University of Pisa, Italy;

Tadiran Telecom Communication Services in Israel;

The University of Sheffield, UK.

Contact persons

Metaware SpA