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SALERO - Semantic AudiovisuaL Entertainment Reusable Objects

SALERO aims at making cross media-production for games, movies and broadcast faster, better and cheaper by combining computer graphics, language technology, semantic web technologies as well as content based search and retrieval.


SALERO will define and develop 'intelligent content' for media production, consisting of multimedia objects with context-aware behaviours for self-adaptive use and delivery across different platforms. 'Intelligent Content' should enable the creation and re-use of complex, compelling media by artists who need to know little of the technical aspects of how the tools that they use actually work.

Main innovation

Based on research into methodologies for describing, creating and finding intelligent content, SALERO will develop toolsets to create, manage, edit, retrieve and deliver content objects, addressing characters, objects, sounds, language sets, and behaviours. The toolsets developed and the concept of intelligent content will be verified by experimental productions.

More details



Upcoming work

Work in the first phase of the project will concentrate on the establishment of user requirements, the compilation of a state-of-the-art report in context based indexing and retrieval, investigation on the relationship between media forms, programme style and structures. Based on that, research work-packages will implement first prototypes of tools for advanced facial animation, emotional speech synthesis and context based retrieval.

Administrative Details


  • SALERO (FP6-027122) is a integrated project of the European Union's 6th Framework Programme - call 4.
  • SALERO started on 1 January 2006 and finishes on 31 December 2009.
  • The overall budget is roughly 13.6 million euro.
  • Eleven partners from five European countries are involved in the project.


List of Participants


  • JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, AT
  • Cinesite Ltd., UK
  • Blitz Games Ltd., UK
  • Pepper's Ghost Productions, UK
  • Activa Multimedia digital (TVCN), ES
  • Fundacio Barcelona Media Universitat Pompeu Fabra, ES
  • Dublin Institute of Technology, IE
  • Universitat Ramon Llull, ES
  • University of Glasgow, UK
  • Taideteollinen korkeakoulu (University of Art and Design Helsinki), FI
  • Leopold Franzens Universität Innsbruck, AT


Contact Persons
Mr. Werner Haas
Email: (email removed)
Mr. Georg Thallinger
Email: (email removed)
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