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21 February 2008
Concertation WS on EC-Funded projects on Smart Fabrics & Interactive Textiles (SFIT) and Consultation on Future R&D Challenges and opportunities
Brussels, Belgium (Avenue de Beaulieu 33, Room 0/54, 1160 Brussels)
Contact: (email removed)

3-4 March 2008
2 nd Concertation Workshop of EC funded activities and consultation on future R&D challenges and opportunities
Brussels, Belgium (Avenue de Beaulieu 25, Room 0/S1, 1160 Brussels)
Objective: Micro-Nano-Bio convergence Systems (MNBS)
Contact: (email removed) - (email removed)


18-19 January 2007
1 st Concertation Workshop of FP6 projects in Micro-Nano-Systems: Specific topic Micro-Nano-Bio convergence Systems (MNBS)
Brussels, Belgium
Program ( PDF , 169KB) - Rationale and Objectives ( PDF , 107KB)


27 June 2006
Clustering Workshop for Radio Frequency Microsystems (RF-MST)
Orvieto, Italy
If you are interested in attending please contact (email removed)
29 May 2006
FP7 Consultation Workshop on Innovative Mass Storage Technologies: Future R&D and New Challenges ( DOC , 86KB)
Grenoble, France
Workshop Report ( PDF , 404KB)
15 May 2006
FP7 Consultation Workshop on Organic Electronics & Display Systems: Future R&D and New Challenges ( PDF , 163KB)
Brussels, Belgium
Workshop Report ( PDF , 48KB)
03 May 2006
FP7 Consultation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio Systems: Future R&D and New challenges ( PDF , 132KB)
Brussels, Belgium
Workshop Papers ( Zipped PDF , 3.453KB), Workshop Presentations ( Zipped PDF , 23.292KB), Workshop Report ( Zipped PDF , 291KB)
02 February 2006
Displays as key driver for large area electronics in intelligent environments-A vision for Europe 2007+ ( PDF , 752KB)


11 July 2005
Call 5 Infoday for Micro-Nano Based Sub-Systems ( Zipped PDF , 1.028KB)
Brussels, Belgium
5 July 2005
Workshop - Exploiting New Possibilities at the Interface of Micro-Nano Systems & the Living World ( PDF , 212KB)
Brussels, Belgium
Workshop Results - Position Papers ( Zipped PDF , 1.029KB) - Report ( PDF , 217KB)
Contact: (email removed)
4 July 2005
Workshop - Creating New Opportunities from the Marriage of Micro-nano Systems & Smart Fabrics and Interactive Textiles ( PDF , 290KB)
Brussels, Belgium
Workshop Results - Position Papers ( Zipped PDF , 1.627KB)
Contact: (email removed)
11 November 2004
Seminar: Robotics at the Micro & Nano Scales ( PDF , 2.9MB)
12 July 2004
ERA Pilot meeting presentations ( Zipped PDF , 1.5MB)
Brussels, Belgium
15-19 April 2004
Consultation Meeting on Research & Development in Micro-Nano-Systems
Enabling Systems & Solutions Report ( Zipped PDF , 248KB)
Enabling Technological Families Report ( Zipped PDF , 233KB)
Web Consultation Report ( Zipped PDF , 240KB)
Brussels, Belgium
20 February 2004
Presentation of the White Book on Innovative Mass Storage Technologies ( Zipped PDF , 3.8MB)
Selected Presentations on Mass Storage Technologies ( Zipped PDF , 3.9MB)
Brussels, Belgium
30 June - 1 July 2003
Clustering Workshop for Radio Frequency Micro Electro-Mechanical components (RF MEMs)
Toulouse, France
Contact: (email removed)
All the IST projects on the topic of RF MEMs have been invited to participate in this clustering workshop. There are currently around 80 registered participants. The clustering workshop will be held just ahead of the MEMSWAVE conference. The purpose of the meeting is to bring the community together to exchange knowledge and experiences gathered in the projects. Topics include fabrication technologies, packaging, design, methodologies and tools. The idea is to take stock of the state of the art to look ahead and identify gaps where future research would be required.
RF MEMs Report ( Zipped PDF , 373KB)
26 March 2003
Infoday on Advanced Displays in the 6th Framework Programme ( Zipped PDF , 109KB)
Brussels, Belgium