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6QM: IPv6 QoS Measurement


  • Hitachi Europe, Ltd.
  • Hitachi Ltd.
  • FT
  • FhG-Fokus


The operators and ISPs must react quickly to variable new demands of services with different profiles and with differentiated QoS. Then they must know and follow the behaviour of their networks in terms of traffic engineering, resource management, system management, network management, service management and business management. This is the global scenario of management, which is the aim, and the general scope of 6QM project. Beside, the operators and ISPs need to optimize architectures, exploitation, engineering and dimensioning of their IPv6 networks and services with minimum costs based on results of QoS measurement. Therefore the focus on IPv6 QoS measurement is only an immediate instantiation and implementation of the global management scenario mentioned before.

Project N°
24 mo
EC Funding
964.860 €
Total budget
2.322.696 €

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