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FP6-2002-Infrastructures-2 - Grids

Date: Tue March 25, 2003

General Information

Unit Research Infrastructures is organising an Information Day in Brussels at the "Centre Albert Borschette".

- Agenda and presentations
- Participation

The objectives of this Information Day are as follows:

a) To provide up-to-date and first-hand information on Call 1 RI Grids and to familiarize potential proposers with the use of the new FP6 instruments. Contractual, legal and administrative modalities will be also covered. A discussion session will give the opportunity to ask questions.

b) To facilitate the formation of consortia for proposals, and to promote synergies and collaborations across proposers through an open exchange Proposers Forum. To this end, participants are encouraged to lay out their ideas for possible proposals, identify the expertise they are seeking for, or simply express their intention of getting involved in a consortium.

By its nature, this event is expected to appeal to a wide spectrum of participants.

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