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e-Infrastructures -
the foundation of the ERA

E urope has created a pan-European research networking infrastructure – GEANT - to exploit the emerging developments in telecommunication technology and as well as to support all fields of collaborative research. This infrastructure provides an "equality of opportunity" for all researchers and students across Europe, reaching over 3,100 research and education institutions in over 32 countries through the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs).

As an essential infrastructure that supports all other fields of collaborative research, GEANT is of paramount importance for the practical realisation of a European Research Area (ERA) , of which the European Community's Sixth RTD Framework Programme is a major component. GEANT is the leading research network backbone in the world. It not only serves the European continent, but has extensive links in the Gbps range to North America and Japan.

Other initiatives are dealing with the connectivity within both the Latin-American and the Mediterranean countries and the links between these regions to GEANT. Activities to link GEANT with Southern Africa and the Asia Pacific region are also underway.

Thus, the realisation of global research networking is within reach and will enable new ways of research to be carried out. The specific services GEANT is offering for the VLBI , Grids , IPv6 , and advanced communication technologies communities are first examples of the impact that e-Infrastructures will have.

In Europe, GEANT is a cornerstone of ERA by providing a world-class advanced communications platform to all researchers and scientists in Europe.

B its & P ieces

X W indows to IPv6

X.Org have announced the availability for public review of the proposed enhancements to the X Window System for the support of IPv6 (see ).

GEANT call postponed

The Call FP6-2002-Infrastructures-3 "Communication Network Development - Géant" has been postponed. Additional information will be available shortly from CORDIS under "sidebandHeader"> N ews . . . News . . . News . . .


GARR Sets Record

  08:30 on 6th May saw the interconnection between the Italian National Research and Education Network (NREN) - GARR - and GEANT via a 10 Gbps link. This makes GARR the first European National Research and Education Network to connect to GEANT at 10 Gbps. GARR previously set a record in July 1989 when it was the first NREN to be connected over an international link at 2 Mbps between Bologna and Geneva. See the press release at: .

GARR's current achievement will be extremely beneficial to the Italian research and academic community in its participation in international research projects, particularly in the fields of High Energy Physics, Radio Astronomy, Earth Observation, Virtual Observatories, Health, Supercomputing and Education.

The possibility of connecting GARR to the other European NRENs, together with the ability of offering access to the major Italian research centres and universities at Gbps speed, will allow the implementation of a powerful network infrastructure for supporting advanced applications and experiments (e.g. GRIDs).

Further information may be found at the related sites:

IST 2003

IST 2003, Milan, 2-4 October 2003

G eneral information about the IST 2003 event can be found on the following site:

The event will consist of:

Although the "Call for Ideas" for the conference workshops is now closed, the "Call for Ideas" for the exhibition is still open and you are invited to give your suggestions using the on-line form. The "Call for Ideas" for Networking will be open in June - August.


Spring-time for National IPv6 Task Forces

T he last few weeks have seen the successful launch of two more national IPv6 Task Forces, namely in Switzerland, and Germany.

The Swiss IPv6 Task Force was launched with its inaugural meeting on 24th April in Zurich.

The German Task Force was launched with its inaugural meeting on 29th April in Berlin and also a press release .

In addition a meeting has been organsed in Copenhagen, Denmark on 21st May to discuss the establishment of the Danish national IPv6 Task Force - (in Danish)


IPv6 in the Press

IPv6 has featured in a number of recent press releases. Extracts from some of these press releases have been transcribed below:

Government supports the French IPv6 Task Force

P aris, April 24. 2003 - Very Successful Start for the IPv6 Task Force France.

The IPv6 Task Force France has met with solid success among participants representing industry, Internet and telecom operators, government, public associations and universities. All these constituencies are keenly aware of the stakes for their various activities in the evolution of IP technologies.

Created in September 2002 at the initiative of 6WIND and supported by France's Ministry of Research and New Technologies, the IPv6 Task Force France is proactively involved in outreach initiatives to heighten awareness of opportunities linked to the development of IP networks towards the new version of the Internet Protocol, IPv6. The Task Force addresses all those interested in contributing to the deployment of IPv6 networks and applications.

Deployment of IPv6 represents tremendous stakes in terms of technology and economic performance, as well as for society in general. At the technical level, the next-generation Internet protocol will see the development of a new architecture and operational networks with expanded capacity to accommodate millions of users and an ever-growing number of communicating devices.

IPv6 will create new wealth by ushering in new Internet applications in every imaginable area: transport, industry, education, entertainment, healthcare, security and much, much more. Successful deployment of IPv6 technologies requires careful preparation and development of those services and applications that can take advantage of the tremendous potential of this new-generation Internet.

The IPv6 Task Force France is determined to be the driving force behind this deployment, and in judging the increasing number of its members (there are already more than 200 members just six months after the creation of the Task Force), this objective meets a strong demand.

Equally important is the commitment and support of French Research Minister Claudie Haigneré, who has recognized IPv6 as one of the key new technologies to be supported by active government initiatives. She confirmed her support for the Task Force earlier this year at an Internet symposium in Autrans: "I am delighted to announce that our ministry will support the functioning of the French IPv6 Task Force launched by 6WIND within the scope of the 2003 RENATER research budget."

IPv6 Forum Tunisia

T unis/Luxembourg, April, 23, 2003 - The IPv6 Forum and the Tunisian Internet Agency Join Forces to form the IPv6 Forum Tunisia.

The IPv6 Forum and the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) concluded, after the successful Tunis IPv6 Summit, a partnership agreement to join forces in founding the "IPv6 Forum Tunisia" to promote deployment of the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in Tunisia among the Tunisian industry, education and research communities achieving one of the longest term goals of the Tunisian technology objectives in becoming one of the most advanced IT nation in the region.

Tunisia is one of the first Arab and African countries to be recognized by the International IPv6 Forum. This opportunity will allow Tunisia to garner support for IPv6 in the region. Furthermore, and as an affiliate to the International IPv6 Forum, Tunisia will continue its quest in winning support with other IPv6 affiliates around the world and steps have been taken to win the Japan IPv6 Promotion Council and others.

The Internet uses Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) for the last 2 decades. IPv4 is showing signs of strains especially in its limited address space and its fast depletion. IPv6 preserves everything that's good about today's Internet - and adds much more: unlimited address space to connect everyone and everything, stateless auto-configuration, seamless mobility, automated network management, mandatory security and new optional service levels.

The IPv6 Forum Tunisia will be an open space and wide platform for the industry, research and education sectors to design global recommendations, education programs, testbeds and play a liaison role with the international IPv6 Forum community.


IPv6 Ready? IPv6 Ready Logo

P ress release - Tokyo/Boston/Luxembourg, April 28, 2003.
IPv6 Forum creates first published IPv6 acceptance standard with ‘IPv6 Ready’ logo

The IPv6 forum plays a major role in bringing together industrial players to help in the design, development and deployment of next generation Internet Protocols. Unlike IPv4 that started with a small closed group of implementers, the universality of IPv6 leads to a huge number of implementations on a global scale. Interoperability has always been a critical feature due to the large number of IPv6 implementations, it is essential that a single symbol be created to identify products that have been validated for true interoperability.

As a result, the IPv6 Forum has defined the first global logo program called "IPv6 Ready". The IPv6 Ready logo will generate confidence among users that IPv6 is currently operational and those products with it have passed a set level of interoperability. The IPv6 test and conformance bodies and events building the backbone of this program are, but not limited to:

To this end, an international task force has been at work defining the IPv6 Logo Program, chaired by Hiroshi Esaki, technically supported by Cesar Viho at Irisia in France and Ben Schultz at UNH-IOL in the US and Hiroshi Miyata (TAHI/Japan).

"Having the globally unique evaluation criteria for components to build up the IPv6 infrastructure is very important. We, WIDE Project, have initiated the TAHI project since 1998, so as to provide the evaluation and validation of IPv6 protocol stack in each equipment. It is my great honour to run the IPv6 Logo Program, that plays important role for the global IPv6 deployment and operation." Hiroshi Esaki, Chairman of the IPv6 Logo Program and Member of the Japan IPv6 Promotion Council and WIDE Project.

Jim Bound, Chair of the Nav6TF and IPv6 Forum Technical Directorate said: "Platforms have been shipping production IPv6 implementations, as products for some time, this program will reinforce that message in the market."

"IPv6 is ready! Now, are you ready?" challenges Latif LADID, Chair IPv6TF, Internet Society Trustee and President of the IPv6 Forum.

The inauguration of the IPv6 Ready program will take place at the Global IPv6 Summit in Madrid (12-14 May) where the Multi-Site ETSI Plugtests is organised - .

For further information about the IPv6 Ready Program, see:
Temporary web site:
Official web site (under construction):

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