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Research Infrastructure

Changing the way research is done
The user perspective on e Infrastructure

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Brussels, November 2003

Acknowledgements and Contributors

This publication is the result of the collective effort of 24 contributors from research institutions all over Europe, one from the US, one from Japan and the respective team from Unit "Research Infrastructure", DG INFSO, European Commission. We would like to thank all the contributors who have donated their time and expertise.

Editorial Team

  • Antonella Karlson - coordinator
  • François Grey - editor
  • Mario Campolargo - Head of Unit "Research Infrastructure"
  • Marie-Gabrielle Dejardin - secretarial support


  • Salvator Roberto Amendolia
  • Robert Bentley
  • Vincent Breton
  • Paul Bright-Thomas
  • Ian Butterworth
  • Donatella Castelli
  • Peter Clarke
  • Dai Davies
  • George Eftichidis
  • Ian Foster
  • Norberto Fueyo
  • Fabrizio Gagliardi
  • Mike Garrett
  • Frank Harris
  • Milos Karapandzic
  • Mati Karelson
  • George Loizou
  • Satoshi Matsuoka
  • Jarek Nabrzyski
  • Mark Parsons
  • Ron Perrott
  • Peter Quinn
  • Michael Resch
  • Dale Robertson
  • Kim Veltman

Points of contact

Fax : +32/229.93127
email :

Acting Director: Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures
Tel. : +32/229.63406
Head of Unit
Tel. : +32/229.63479
Scientific Officer (GRIDS)
Tel. : +32/229.94016
Scientific Officer (Test-beds and IPv6)
Tel. : +32/229.54824
Scientific Officer (GÉANT)
Tel. : +32/229.69615
Scientific Officer (GÉANT/User's Communities)
Tel. : +32/229.54073
Antonella KARLSON
Scientific Officer (GRIDS)
Tel. : +32/229.62377
Scientific Officer (GÉANT/International aspects)
Tel. : +32/229.91098
Scientific Officer (Test-beds and IPv6/Optical)
Tel. : +32/229.91210
Mireille VANHEE
Secretary to the Head of Unit
Tel. : +32/229.91994
Tel. : +32/229.68578
Marie-Gabrielle DEJARDIN
Tel. : +32/229.60666
Christophe KOWALSKI
Financial and Legal officer
Tel. : +32/229.98150
Frederic DENAYER
Financial and Contractual assistant
Tel. : +32/229.98190
Financial and Contractual assistant
Tel. : +32/229.84393

Table of Contents


e Infrastructures: a fundamental building block of the ERA
Antonella Karlson
Download ( PDF , 145KB)

Part 1: Status of GIANT and GRIDS

Introduction to GÉANT
Dai Davies
Download ( PDF , 197KB)
Survey of GÉANT user community
Dale Robertson, Milos Karapandzic
Download ( PDF , 102KB)
Future requirements for Networks
Ian Butterworth
Download ( PDF , 107KB)
Introduction to GRIDS
Fabrizio Gagliardi
Download ( PDF , 172KB)
Overview of EU GRIDS Projects and National Initiatives
Mark Parsons
Download ( PDF , 1.652KB)
Overview of European GRIDS Test-beds
Jarek Nabrzyski
Download ( PDF , 197KB)
GÉANT - GRID Relationships
Relationship between GÉANT and GRIDS
Peter Clarke & Paul Bright-Thomas
Download ( PDF , 530KB)
Relationship to High Performance Computing
Ron Perrott
Download ( PDF , 108KB)
GRIDS Resources and Requirements for GÉANT
Michael Resch
Download ( PDF , 179KB)
International perspective
Evolution of GRIDS Technology
Ian Foster
Download ( PDF , 108KB)
Asia-Pacific Activities
Satoshi Matsuoka
Download ( PDF , 103KB)

Part 2: User case studies

Physical sciences
High Energy Physics
Frank Harris
Download ( PDF , 107KB)
Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics
Mike Garrett
Download ( PDF , 840KB)
European Virtual Observatory
Peter Quinn
Download ( PDF , 161KB)
Solar Observations
Robert Bentley
Download ( PDF , 127KB)
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Norberto Fueyo
Download ( PDF , 833KB)
Life sciences
Bio-Informatics and Bio-imaging
Vincent Breton
Download ( PDF , 197KB)
Salvator Roberto Amendolia
Download ( PDF , 127KB)
Molecular Engineering and Drug Design
Mati Karelson
Download ( PDF , 116KB)
Environmental science
Forest Fire Management
George Eftichidis
Download ( PDF , 312KB)
Humanities & Education
e Culture, Art History and Museum Studies
Kim Veltman
Download ( PDF , 227KB)
e Learning
George Loizou
Download ( PDF , 123KB)
Digital Libraries
Donatella Castelli
Download ( PDF , 127KB)

Useful documents

Glossary of acronyms
Download ( PDF , 69KB)
List of contributors
Download ( PDF , 60KB)

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Last updated: 25 | 11 | 2002

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