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2.4.4 Broadband for All

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To develop the network technologies and architectures allowing a generalised and affordable availability of broadband access to European users, including those in less developed regions, peripheral and rural areas.

Outcome expected from this work is:

  • optimised access technologies, as a function of the operating environment, at affordable price allowing for a generalized introduction of broadband services in Europe and in less developed regions, and notably for the enlarged Europe in line with the eEurope objectives,
  • a European consolidated approach regarding regulatory aspects, and for standardized solutions allowing the identification of best practice, and the introduction of low-cost end user and access network equipment.

Call information

The Strategic Objective 'Broadband for All' is included within Call 4 of the IST priority .

Publication date Closure date Pre-allocate budget 1 (M€) Instruments Status
01 December 2004 22 March 2005 65 IPs , NoEs , STREPs , SSAs Active

Commission's contact person for the IST calls 2005-2006

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1 The amount corresponds to the 90% of the budget which is pre-allocated.

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