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Knowledge and interface technologies

2.4.7 Semantic-based Knowledge and Content Systems

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To develop semantic-based and context-aware systems to acquire, organise, personalise, share and use the knowledge embedded in web and multimedia content. Research will aim to maximise automation of the knowledge lifecycle and to achieve semantic interoperability between heterogeneous information resources and services, across content types and natural languages. To pioneer intelligent content, which will be self-describing, adaptive to context and user information needs, and exhibit a seamless interaction with its surroundings and the user.

Call information

The Strategic Objective 'Semantic-based Knowledge and Content Systems' is included within Call 4 of the IST priority .

Publication date Closure date Pre-allocate budget 1 (M€) Instruments Status
01 December 2004 22 March 2005 112 IPs , NoEs , STREPs , SSAs Active

Commission's contact for the IST calls 2005-2006

1 The amount corresponds to the 90% of the budget which is pre-allocated.

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