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Components and microsystems

2.5.2 Micro/nano based sub-systems

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To validate integrated micro/nano systems technology for new products and services in key application fields such as miniaturised autonomous robotic systems, mass storage systems and visualisation systems. Micro/nano-based integrated medical systems are also targeted to explore the many opportunities offered by combining bio-, nano- and information-related technologies.

Call information

The Strategic Objective 'Micro/nano based sub-systems' is included within Call 5 of the IST priority.

Publication date Closure date Pre-allocate budget 1 (M€) Instruments Status
18 May 2005 21 September 2005 58 IPs , STREPs , CAs , SSAs NYS

Commission's contact person for IST call 5

1 The amount corresponds to the 90% of the budget which is pre-allocated.