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Components and microsystems

2.4.1 Nanoelectronics

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The technical goals are to reduce the transistor size deep into the nano-scale, to radically transform the process technologies through the integration of a large number of new materials, and to master the design technologies for achieving competitive systems-on-chip and systems-in-package with increasing functionality, performance and complexity. This should be obtained without compromising on reliability, energy consumption and costs of such systems. The aim is also to secure the necessary design skills and stimulate the use of technologies in areas where these are insufficiently used. The work supports, and is in line with the orientations proposed by the Technology Platform 1 on nanoelectronics.

Call information

The Strategic Objective 'Nanoelectronics' is included within Call 4 of the IST priority .

Publication date Closure date Pre-allocate budget 1 (M€) Instruments Status
01 December 2004 22 March 2005 74 IPs, STREPs , CAs , SSAs Active

Commission's contact person for the IST calls 2005-2006

1 The amount corresponds to the 90% of the budget which is pre-allocated.

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