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Software Technologies (ST)

Find the most recent information on EU Funding activities in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by visiting our ICT in FP7 website , which covers ICT in the 7 th Framework Programme (FP7) 2007 - 2013.


Study into the effect of allowing patent claims on computer-implemented inventions.

This project aims to fill the gaps in our understanding of the impact of software patentability using an empirical study of Computer Implemented Invention/software patenting in the EU and also in the rest of the world, the features of the European software markets, and the strategic decisions of European firms and the individual innovators employed by firms. This site reports on the progress of the study.

Study on the effect on the development of the information society of European public bodies making their own software available as open source

The use of Free/Open Source Software is growing in public administrations across Europe. What would be the potential impact on the development of the Information Society (including industry) if public organisations (administrations, research institutions, universities, agencies, public companies etc.) were to release software fully owned by them under an open source license? This site reports on the progress of the study.

Study into the strategies, policies and other conditions needed to allow the European-based software and services industries to take global platform leadership

This study will analyse the potentials of the European software, services, and systems industries and identify its role for economic growth and competitiveness. The study will take into account relevant technological and industrial trends such as the digital convergence of the networks, mobile services, the advancement of internet technologies and security, among others.

The aim of the study is to recommend a coherent policy for the European Union allowing the industry to take global platform leadership. Policies might include legislation or regulation, supporting innovation, research and development, training and awareness, or international cooperation. This site reports on the progress of the study.

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