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ICT for Trust and Security

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Mission of the ICT-FP7 Unit Security

The mission of the INFSO Unit "Security" is to support and co-ordinate within the ICT FP7 Theme, Information and Communication Technology research for the development of a dependable, secure and trusted Information Society that respects citizens' rights and protects their privacy and personal data. It includes advice on and stimulation of effective use of such technologies in other research fields of ICT -FP7.

The Unit supports the development of knowledge and technologies for improving and managing the security, resilience and trust in ubiquitous communication networks, computing and software systems and ICT -based applications and services; as well as for empowering the citizens to interact in the digital world through the development of trusted solutions for identity management and privacy protection.

Research priorities are: design and development of trustworthy infrastructures, applications and services; trusted computing, cryptology and advanced multi-modal biometrics; emerging security problems in communication networks (e.g. malware, phishing), identity management and privacy protection; and support to interoperability and standardisation.

Activities cover the interplay with policy developments, by indicating trends and problems in network and information security, privacy, trust and the protection of critical information infrastructures, and assisting in finding policy solutions. The Unit cooperates with other services within and outside INFSO - in particular with the Security Theme in FP7 (ENTR) - to stimulate wide uptake and best use of security and trust technologies in the European market through the development of EU-wide test-beds and pilot implementations. Finally, we promote focused international co-operation research activities with developed countries to improve the security and resilience of global ICT infrastructures, including the Future Internet.

The main instruments for the implementation of our mission are the Community Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development (RTD) and support activities for the development of policies in the area of trust and security in the Information Society.



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