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Find the most recent information on EU Funding activities in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by visiting our ICT in FP7 website , which covers ICT in the 7 th Framework Programme (FP7) 2007 - 2013.

Publications & Reports

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Open day on IST-FP6 Research for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection held on 15 March 2007 in Brussels

Under IST-FP6, Unit INFSO F5 "Security" has launched a number of RTD projects in the area of critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP). These projects range from general understanding of vulnerabilities and defence methodologies to integrated risk assessment, decision support and advanced re-configurability. As part of these activities, on 15th March 2007, we have organized in Brussels a concertation meeting with three of our main IST FP6 research projects working in the area of CIIP, namely IRRIIS , CRUTIAL and GRID . More than 50 research stakeholders in CIIP attended the meeting and presented and discussed the key research results they have achieved in these three projects during their first year of work. At the last session of the meeting, an open and lively discussion was held. It highlighted the increasing evolution that CI's are facing today, generating new R&D challenges for the coming years,


WORKSHOP HELD IN DUBLIN, 15-16 NOVEMBER 2006. Report avaliable here ( PDF , 360KB)

Initial collection of Statistical Data on Network Security

The initial collection of Statistical Data on Network Security is now available here ( PDF , 811KB)

"Threats on the Internet" Seminar - 24 October 2006

The seminar was organised by INFSO D4 - ICT Trust and Security in Brussels, Belgium with a small number of international experts in the field of security on the Internet. The seminar brought to the table discussions related to the situation and trends in mal-ware, spy-ware and other forms of cyber crime on the Internet and mobile networks.

Handbook on Legal procedure of Computer and Network Misuses in EU Countries

The revised version (dated December 2005) of the "Handbook on Legal procedure of Computer and Network Misuses in EU Countries" is available here:


You can reach the on-line version of the Handbook here .


Project Summaries

INFSO Directorate D Information Day - 17 January 2005

IST 2004: 'Towards a global dependability and security framework in WP 2005-2006: paving the way for FP7'

Preparatory work for Work Programme 2005-2006

Preparatory work for FP6

ISTAG Reports

Technical Forum