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2003-2004 Work Programme Semantic-based Knowledge Systems


To develop semantic-based and context-aware systems to acquire, organise, process, share and use the knowledge embedded in multimedia content. Research will aim to maximise automation of the complete knowledge lifecycle and achieve semantic interoperability between Web resources and services.

Focus is on

  • Semantic-enabled systems and services facilitating multimedia content mining on the Web and across distributed computing platforms. They should be self-organising, robust and scaleable and enable better mastery of complex information spaces through improved analysis, interpretation and visualisation of high-dimensional objects and content.
  • Knowledge-based adaptive systems , combining semantically enriched content with "anytime-anywhere inferencing" in support of knowledge-intensive, time-critical tasks, especially for modelling and optimisation, automated diagnosis and decision-support.

Projects will cover all research aspects needed to achieve the above, including

  • Foundational research : new formal models, methods and languages for knowledge representation and reasoning under uncertainty, including learning models from data and multilingual and multimedia ontology infrastructure for the semantic Web.
  • Component-level research addressing the functionality of knowledge systems: new generation of tools to support automatic acquisition, analysis, annotation, (re)organisation, browsing, filtering, processing and visualisation of multimedia content.
  • System-level integration with proof of concept of knowledge technologies and components into novel semantic-based services and applications.

The activities should maximise cross-fertilization between several different areas, including knowledge technologies and engineering, database technology, agent technology, natural language processing, etc. Integrated Projects will aim at addressing, within an end-to-end approach, all stages of the research, covering foundational, component-level as well as system-level research. Component-level research may be the subject of focused STREPs. NoEs will provide a channel for fostering longer-term foundational research, developing shared ontologies and data infrastructures, including metrics for system training and evaluation, and promoting standards and open reference architectures.

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