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2003-2004 Work Programme e Inclusion


  • To promote e Inclusion as a core horizontal building block in the establishment of the Information Society to ensure equal access and participation for all in Europe.
  • To develop intelligent systems that empower persons with disabilities and ageing citizens to play a full role in society and to increase their autonomy.

Research activities will also be conducted in two others priorities: 'Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge Society' and 'Support to EU policies'.

As far as the IST priority is concerned, focus is on

  • Research on advanced interfaces, low cost sensors and possibly robotics to be integrated in assistive devices, and information modelling and web semantics to improve web usability for digitally disadvantaged persons.
  • Development and demonstration of intelligent housing for persons with special needs to be addressed in an integrated approach.
  • Networking of research teams, in the domain of assistive technologies to strengthen the research effort on the quality of life of users with physical, sensory or cognitive impairments as well as in the domain of design-for-all for mainstream products and services exploring, for example, cognitive demands and new multimodal platforms.

Socio-economic, regulatory and policy dimensions, especially covering e Inclusion in a broad sense to ensure availability of information society services for all at a reasonable cost, will be also addressed.

Proposals will describe how objectives, project work, results and funding from international, national and regional programmes and international co-operation initiatives will contribute to the EU funded programmes.

Projects should aim at fostering partnership between advanced research laboratories in the key IST domains from the industry, system integrators, service providers and relevant users.

It is expected that the two first domains will be covered by STREPs and Integrated Projects and that the third domain will be covered by Networks of Excellence.

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