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2005-2006 Work Programme

2.5.10 Access to and preservation of cultural and scientific resources


The aim is to develop systems and tools which will support the accessibility and use over time of digital cultural and scientific resources. This requires work to:

  • Support the emerging complexity of digital cultural and scientific objects and repositories, through enriched conceptual representations, and advanced access methods.
  • Explore how to preserve the availability of digital resources over time, through novel concepts, techniques and tools.


  • Research into the conceptualisation and representation of digital cultural and scientific objects, of multiple forms and origin, to exploit the potential of these resources for developing new forms of interactive or creative experiences. This requires methods, systems, tools and enabling technologies to support indexing, retrieving, aggregating, using and creatively exploiting primarily non-textual and complex objects and their integration into sustainable digital library services.

    Work should apply leading-edge technologies (especially in knowledge technologies, VR, visualisation). Applications should clearly integrate heterogeneous resources, and address specific user communities and stakeholders, involving innovative scenarios of use.

  • Instruments: STREPs will be the main mechanism for the longer-term research on the access and use of cultural content. Partnerships will involve the Cultural Heritage research community, technology research and developers, including high-tech SMEs, and cultural institutions.

  • Research into methods and systems for guaranteeing the long-term preservation of digital objects. Work in this area is open to both short term experiment and longer term research. Research is needed to develop test-beds and systems that will support the availability and accessibility of multi-sourced and multi-formatted resources. Longer-term research is needed to address the preservation of complex, dynamic and very high volume digital objects, including those with high levels of interactivity.

    Instruments: IPs are the preferred instrument for the test-beds of multi-sourced resources. The structuring and building of the research interests in digital preservation including a better understanding of digital longevity issues over extended timescales is likely to be best addressed through CAs.

see above.
Indicative budget:
IPs: 40%; STREPs, CAs: 60%.
Call information:
IST Call 5

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