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2005-2006 Work Programme

2.5.11 eInclusion


  • To mainstream accessibility in consumer goods and services, including public services through applied research and development of advance technologies. This will help ensure equal access, independent living and participation for all in the Information Society.
  • To develop next generation assistive systems that empower persons with (in particular cognitive -) disabilities and aging citizens to play a full role in society, to increase their autonomy and to realize their potential.


Research and development actions focus on:

  1. Experience and Application Research 1 leading to large scale demonstrators to mainstream accessibility in particular in the areas of smart environment, next generation mobiles, Digital TV and future related services. Work would benefit by using existing infrastructures of key industrial actors in the field and involving users in the RTD process. Demonstration scenarios could focus on living environments for older persons, educational environment for children or work environments for people with disabilities.

    Instruments: IPs

  2. Development of innovative solutions for persons with cognitive disabilities . Basic Research would be appropriate in this area to address some of the fundamental challenges posed by the demographic changes. Applications could aim for example to support the ageing population, or to provide support to children in developing their potential and learning new skills.

    Instruments: STREPs

Furthermore in order to contribute to ERA in the field of eInclusion, support and co-ordination actions focus on:

  • Federating the fragmented assistive technology industry (mainly SMEs), and achieving an understanding of market requirements and cost benefit issues.

    Instruments: CAs

  • In the area of design-for-all and assistive technology, research aiming at structuring the co-operation among centres for accessibility resource and support.

    Instruments: CAs

  • Development and constitution of adequate technology platforms to meet the challenges posed by the ageing population. The work should be addressed by the relevant mainstream industries in synergy with the assistive technology industry and with participation of user communities.

    Instruments: SSAs

See above.
Indicative budget:
IPs: 50%; STREPs, CAs, SSAs: 50%
Call information:
IST Call 5

1 See the ISTAG working group report "Involving users in the development of Ambient Intelligence" on /ist/istag.htm

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