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  Regional innovation - thriving
    Representatives from 85 European regions gathered in Stratford-upon-Avon in mid-June for the third plenary meeting of the Innovating Regions in Europe network. Directing their own development policies to the needs of the knowledge economy, they are also collaborating to create trans-regional innovation partnerships.
  Synergy - it's a Greek word
    The networks of Innovating Regions in Europe and Innovation Relay Centres operate side by side, but have rarely interacted. In March, Greek-speaking members of both networks got together to explore the scope for collaboration.
  Seven steps to innovation
    It is hard for a region to establish self-sustaining innovation, and harder still to achieve international recognition for it. A new IRE Thematic Network aims to strengthen the innovation capacity of its member regions and raise their profile.
  From pipe dreams to practice
    When businesses want to try something new, where can they go for help? In Finland’s Lahti region they turn to Innopipe. This service provides local firms with advice and expertise to promote a long-term interest in transforming good ideas into successful business applications
  Regional role models
    In recent years, the focus of regional development in Europe has shifted from the construction of physical infrastructure such as roads and bridges to innovation capacity-building. Now, the IRE network is extending the approach to regions in candidate countries.