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May 2005

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  Sharing success fosters innovation
    Last December, in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, almost 400 people from across Europe gathered for the Fourth European Forum for Innovation Enterprises. This flagship event brought together standard-bearers for innovation from across the EU and beyond, to share their ideas for strategies to encourage innovation.
  Technology transfer turns professional
    A key factor in economic growth is to turn discoveries and inventions into business opportunities. In Europe, public research organisations still have only limited experience in the transfer of their new technologies, but the ProTon Europe association has been set up to help them to learn the best way to do it.
  Investing in innovation
    The Innovation 2010 Initiative (i2i) is the ten-year lending plan started by the European Investment Bank, with the European Investment Fund, as a trial in 2000. With committed funds of at least €50 billion to support innovation over the whole decade, i2i is the EIB Group’s contribution to the Lisbon agenda.
  New innovation portal brings easy access
    Information on EU innovation policies and support tools is now more easily accessible thanks to the Innovation portal launched on CORDIS last year. Companies and organisations interested in innovation activities in the EU should use the portal as a short cut to the information that interests them.

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