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May 2005

May 2005 (1 Mb .pdf file)

Broadening the horizons for European travel
Innovation in tourism
Plus : Reviewing the Lisbon strategy * Fourth Forum for Innovative Enterprises * Central Macedonia gets innovative * Life cycle assessments for SMEs ... and more

July 2004

July 2004 (1 235Kb .pdf file)

Inviting Cinderella to the innovation ball
Innovation in services
Plus : Slow progress on Lisbon strategy * Virtual manufacturing * Euro Office – helping start-ups go abroad * Business at the Olympics * On-line therapy for bulimia ... and more

May 2004

May 2004 (910Kb .pdf file)

Teeing up for success
Women entrepreneurs
Plus : European Business Summit * Heroines of tomorrow * Third Community Innovation Survey * Environmental technologies action plan ... and more

March 2004

March 2004 (967Kb .pdf file)

Building firms' capacity to innovate
Innovation in Ireland
Plus : How competitive is the Union? * Ireland’s economic growth * Four years of the Innovation Trend Chart * The network looks forward ... and more

January 2004

January 2004 (813Kb .pdf file)

Meas uring Europe's performance
European Innovation Scoreboard 2003
Plus : Reducing risks for start-ups * Shannon’s innovative development * Cluster initiatives from around the world * South-Central Bulgaria builds strategy ... and more

November 2003

November 2003 (982Kb .pdf file)

Innovation in European aviation
Sustainable flight to the future
Plus : Actions speak louder than words * Measured success for biotech industry * A prized partnership * European research to the fore ... and more

September 2003

September 2003 (976Kb .pdf file)

Innovation Governance
Plus : Council endorses new approach * Market intelligence * Impact assessment * Doctors on the run ... and more

July 2003

July 2003 (899 Kb .pdf file)

Innovation in Italy
Recreating traditional strengths

Plus: IT investment = innovation? * PAXIS enters second phase * Opening up policy for small business * Nano and microbrokerage ... and more

May 2003

May 2003 (886 Kb .pdf file)

Innovation in candidate countries
Strengthening industrial performance

Plus: New Communication on Innovation policy * Innovation in candidate countries * Acceptance of solar energy * Helping SMEs get into medical technologies *
... and more

April 2003 - Special edition

April 2003 (804 Kb .pdf file)

(Special edition)
Commission Communication on Innovation policy

Updating the Union's approach

March 2003

March 2003 (1129 Kb .pdf file)

Clustering of Innovation projects

Think new by sharing experiences

Plus: Targets for business-friendly policy * Clustering of Innovation projects * Innovation Scoreboard – candidate countries * Transnational partnership for better IRC services * IST Results promoting new technologies *
... and more

February 2003 - Special edition

February 2003 (511 Kb .pdf file)

(Special edition)
European Trend Chart on Innovation: Reviewing Europe’s progress in 2002

Promising steps for innovation

January 2003 - Special edition

January 2003 (1047 Kb .pdf file)

Innovation in Greece
Changing the focus of business

Plus: Big opening for new R&D programme * The lessons of PAXIS *The business of foresight * Big opportunities for small companies
... and more

October 2002 - Special edition

November 2002 (915 Kb .pdf file)

Innovation in FP6
Bringing researchers and industry closer

Plus: Not so bad after all? * Taking the pulse of business innovation * Rooting for networks *Space for new companies
... and more

October 2002 - Special edition

October 2002 (690 Kb .pdf file)

(Special edition)
A Directory of European Innovation

Click here

September 2002

September 2002 (1136 Kb .pdf file)

Risk and reward
changing the climate

Plus: The innovation activities of FP6 * Gate2Growth * Innovation project clusters – lessons for FP6’s integrated projects? * Meeting of the Innovating Regions in Europe network in Stratford * Regional clusters and business networks – a new framework *
... and more

July 2002

July 2002 (1092 Kb .pdf file)

Business incubation
Growing companies

Plus: Innovation - a new culture * Academic entrepreneurship - what works * IRCs join forces with Eureka * At the cutting edge of technology brokerage ... and more

May 2002

May 2002 (806 Kb .pdf file)

Innovation in Spain
Great leap forward

Plus: EU research and industry ministers emphasise non-R&D innovation activity * Innovation in Spain - Great leap forward * Innovation and regulatory framework - the case of Finland * Transfer of space technologies to other sectors ... and more

March 2002

March 2002 (1.03 Mb .pdf file)

Creation of Innovative Enterprises
Europe's Cities - Centres of
innovation culture

Plus: Competitiveness - Europe still has more to do *
Europe's cities - centres of innovation culture *
Financing innovation with mutual and
public-sector guarantees * IRC Annual Meeting -
IRCs in FP6 * ... and more

January 2002

January 2002 (2.34 Mb .pdf file)

Intellectual Property
A balance of interests

Plus: Intellectuel property: A balance of interests *
Everyone wants a single Community Patent *
Divergent views on software patenting *
PAXIS project creates cross-border 'virtual incubator'
... and more

November 2001 Edition

November 2001 (1.01 Mb .pdf file)

Innovation projects
Action learning

Plus: Towards a European innovation culture * Flight simulator for innovation pilots? * "If the IRC network did not exist... * Workplace integration and efficiency ... and more

October 2001 - Special edition

October 2001 (938 Kb .pdf file)

Scoreboard 2001

September 2001 Edition

September 2001 (1.75 Mb .pdf file)

Innovation policy
Exchange of good practice

Plus: * Dossier : Exchange of good practice * Making connections * Co-ordinating cancer research * Industrial relations in the new economy *... and more

July 2001 Edition

July 2001 (2.65 Mb .pdf file)

Regional Innovation -
The Belgian Experience

Plus: * Dossier : Regional Innovation in Belgium * Innovation statistics - new Community Innovation Survey report * Sectoral platforms - SMEs innovate through coo-operation * Rationalisation of EU Business support networks *... and more

March 2001 Edition

Mai 2001 (1.7 Mb .pdf file)

Knowledge - the Only Frontier

Plus: * Dossier - incubator financing * Innovation and job creation * Software patentability * New action helps SMEs to participate in EU research... and more

March 2001 Edition

March 2001 (2.14 Mb .pdf file)

Eastern promise

Plus: * Enterprise policy tackles the business
environment * Statistics on innovation and enterprise
creation * Technology transfer spawns new quality
control body * Innovation Relay Centres find a wider role in the regions... and more

January 2001 (3.15 Mb .pdf file)

Europe's Information Society - Access All Areas

Plus: * Corporate spin-out success * European Forum for Innovative Companies in Lyon * Technology transfer from large public research institutes *Visualisation software for urban planners... and more

December 2000 (2.13 Mb .pdf file)

The Innovation Connection

Plus: * Commission Communication on innovation policy * The European Research Area and FP6 * Progress towards a Community Patent * Two new drying technologies for the food and pharmaceuticals industries
… and more

November 2000 (2.6 Mb .pdf file)

in a knowledge-driven economy

September 2000 (2.2 Mb .pdf file)

Innovating Regions in Europe
Innovation Networks Mesh Together

Plus: * Report from the European Business Summit * The rise of the European business angel * Forthcoming study on tax and innovation * Innovation in the field of social and health care.. and more

July 2000 (2.2 Mb .pdf file)

Electronic Commerce
The European Mission

Plus: * Radical Response to a Quantum Shift * Quality Time * Climbing the Value Chain * Extended Incubation * Scenarios and Ripple Effects * Testing Tell-tale Breath * Stars Rising in the East * Any Kind of Paint You Like * Consolidation and Ambition * Sounding Out New Markets * Ready, Aim, Export * Technology Transfer in Eastern Europe... and more

Special edition - June 2000 (1.338 Kb .pdf file)

Innovation & Creativity
Transforming Europe

May 2000 (1.950 Kb .pdf file)

Innovation Projects
Innovation's Spreading Ripples

Plus: * Interview with Fabio Colasanti, * Director-General of Enterprise DG * Linking Europe's 'regions of innovation excellence' * Comparison of EU and US innovation systems * The non-technical barriers to energy technology innovation... and more

March 2000 (1.500 Kb .pdf file)

Innovation: Facts & Figures
A New Breed of European Entrepreneur

Plus: Regulation and innovation - from trade-off to mutual reinforcement * SME participation in the Fifth Research Framework Programme * A new phase in the development of the Innovation Relay Centre network * TIPs - an effective means of avoiding delays in the exploitation of research results... and more

January 2000 (1.629 Kb .pdf file)

Intellectual Property:
Hot commodity of the new century

Plus: New assessment method for concrete structures saves maintenance costs * Chaos theory used to prevent runaway reactions at chemical plants * Bringing business-to-business e-commerce within the reach of SMEs * IST 99 - key role for SMEs in building the Information Society... and more

November 1999 (2100 Kb .pdf file)

Innovation =
[Technology + People] + Capital

Plus: Innovation policy managed by new Enterprise Directorate-General * Virtual prototyping shortens the product development cycle * A cost-effective solution to pulp and paper industry pollution * IRCs help small companies to visit trade fairs via video link... and more

October 1999 (1100 Kb .pdf file)

Growth and Employment

September 1999 (2.3 Mb .pdf file)

How to Spin Straw into Gold

Plus: Face recognition technology for improved access control * High-speed, high-resolution video for industrial research * On-line help to catch product counterfeiters... and more

July 1999 (2.9 Mb .pdf file)

Progress of the
Innovation Action Plan

Plus: Reducing the cost of managing urban traffic flows * Novelty searches - a means to improve the efficiency of research * Environmental technologies -the IRC network makes the connections * Using sunshine to drive office air-conditioning ... and more

May 1999 (1.621 Mb .pdf file)

for SMEs

Plus: Vaccination without tears * Satellites help forecast floods * Learning to be an entrepreneur * Health telematics - giving doctors access to the latest
medical research ... and more

March 1999 (2.06 Mb .pdf file)

Building a Europe
of Knowledge

Plus: The role of the new Innovation/ SMEs programme in FP5 * Robotised welding for the European rolling stock industry * Cultural heritage research as a source of technology transfer opportunities * JRC launches two advanced software products ... and more

January 1999 (1.85 Mb .pdf file)

Protecting the Quality
of Europe's Rivers

Plus: First Forum for Innovative Companies: role models for an innovative Europe * Transferring medical technologies * Substitutes for hazardous products ... and more

December 1998 (408 Kb .pdf file)

Innovation, Creation of
New Businesses and Jobs

November 1998 (2 Mb .pdf file)

Technologies for
the Information Age

Plus: Annual Report on European Union research * Innovation in a low-margin industry * Helping young companies to license their technologies * Joint Research Centre and industrial partners speeding land-mines clearance, ... and more

September, 1998 (2.08 Mb .pdf file)

Earth Observation:
Feedback from a Small Planet

Plus: Innovation in Europe's regions * A step change for photo-voltaics * New materials for old buildings * Video-telephony * and more


Editions prior to September 1998 are available in a previous design in HTML only:
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May 1998
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March 1998
Dossier: Community Innovation Survey
January 1998
Dossier: The Factory of the Future
November 1997
Dossier: Financing Innovation
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Dossier: Regional aspects of innovation
July 1997
Dossier: Intellectual Property Rights
May 1997
Dossier: the EC's network of Innovation Relay Centres.
March 1997
Dossier: 'Best Practices in Design'.
January 1997
Featuring the 'Quick Reference Guide' to sources of information on European research and innovation.
December 1996
A Special Edition on the Innovation Action Plan.