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Updated: 08 JAN 99

EC Library Actions

Information about the EC actions in cooperation with libraries in Central and Eastern Europe in the framework of the RTD programmes

The following pan-European co-operation projects have been funded:

Introducing Information Technology in Libraries - An Information Pack

This Information Pack is designed to meet the information needs of small and medium sized libraries planning to introduce an automated system. It is for the moment only available in English, but we are discussing with the Regional Libraries Programme of the Open Society the best way of handling the translations into Eastern European languages. Copies of the English version are available upon request to Library Associations in Central and Eastern Europe from DG XIII-E4, who could act as national multiplier for other interested parties.
The pack contains much practical information and advice on the development, benefits and costs of library automation, on how to plan and implement an automated system and on the products currently available in the Central and Eastern European region.

It covers important aspects such as choosing and buying a system, contractual relations with the supplier, management of the project and training of staff. The installation of different functions as well as professional considerations relating to record structure, data entry and output, standards, cataloguing and retroconversion, circulation, serials control, acquisitions, security, report generation etc. are explained in detail in a practical and concise way.
Chapters describe a selection of different library software and their functions and provide an introduction to computer technology and the Internet. Further sections offer a glossary of terms, detailed system descriptions, a list of suppliers and sources of further information of relevance to the Central and Eastern European region.
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International Conference on Library Automation in Central and Eastern

More information about the Budapest proceedings

This conference jointly organised by the Regional Libraries Programme of the Open Society and DGXIII/E-4 brought together some 250 experts from most countries in Central and Eastern European and the European Union (11-13.4.1996, in Budapest). The conference programme focused on standards, retroconversion, national bibliographies and co-operation. Pre-conference workshops were held on document delivery, automating your library , and the Telematics for libraries programme / Regional Libraries Programme and included an exhibition of vendors of library systems and services. The Proceedings of the papers (25 from Central and Eastern European participants, 25 from EU and 3 from USA speakers plus exhibitors' presentations) are available from the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.

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Library economics in Central and Eastern Europe
Phillip D.C. Ramsdale, David Fuegi.

The study on Library Economics in Central and Eastern Europe has collected and aggregated data on libraries in 10 Central and Eastern European countries. The study adopts the six library sectors and other definitions originally developed by UNESCO as incorporated in ISO 2789 and reports on libraries' expenditure and activities within this framework. It covers primarily the years 1990/1 to 1992/3.The findings of the study begin to allow international comparisons to be made both between the countries covered by this study and the EU Member States.

The publication of the study is now available from the Office for Official Publications (1997, ISBN 92-828-1562-5,EU ref. EUR 18042 EN, price 52ECU) .

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