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ECUP continues and will set up a Copyright Focal Poin

Recently DG XIII/E-4 granted EBLIDA funding under the Libraries Programme for the continuation of the European Copyright User Platform (ECUP II) and the Copyright Awareness Campaign for Librarians. On 15 January 1996 the follow-up project started and will have a duration of 3 years.

ECUP II is to follow-up the results achieved under the first contract, but also to extend its scope to the establishment of a Copyright Focal Point for participants under the Libraries Programme and members of EBLIDA. The project is organised along four actions:

  1. Meetings will be organised with the representatives of the rightholders organisations and collecting societies to further discuss the library privileges in electronic services and model licensing clauses defined by the Steering Group.
  2. Workshops will be held to continue making librarians aware of copyright and to introduce the library position in electronic services defined by the Steering Group and the results achieved at the meetings with the rightholders and the collecting societies.
  3. A copyright focal point will be set up and will deliver the following services: a moderated discussion list on European copyright issues; consultancy; access via WWW to documents on European copyright law and legislation in preparation. This focal point is aiming to function as a "one stop shop" for European copyright developments. The discussion list will start in February. More information will soon be available via I'm Europe: /libraries/en/libraries.html.
  4. The Steering Group will come together after the discussions with the rightholders and the collecting societies to define legislative recommendations for the library privileges in electronic services to be lobbied for with national legislators.
The objectives under the previous contract were: to make librarians aware of copyright; to discuss solutions for copyright problems which have been identified in electronic delivery services in cooperation with rightholders; to reinforce the position of libraries in discussions about copyright issues with the appropriate bodies.

Fifteen copyright awareness workshops were conducted in fourteen Member States of the European Union and in Norway. At these workshops library and information professionals gave their views on possible solutions for the existing problems in this area. The results of the workshops were analyzed and processed by the ECUP Steering Group. This Group represents amongst others the national, academic and public library sectors and the European Commission.

The Steering Group drew up a matrix concerning activities libraries would like to be able to do without infringing copyright. The matrix was discussed with the representatives of the larger publishing houses and publishing trade organisations on the 10th July in Amsterdam. At this meeting the first steps towards a model contract on electronic copying were taken. The publishers expressed their willingness to participate in the process of creating a model contract.

  • For more information you can contact the Project Director Ms Emanuella Giavarra at the EBLIDA Head Office in The Hague (email removed)

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