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ECUP- Copyright Discussion Lis

There is now an opportunity for anyone to participate in discussions on copyright. The ECUP moderated discussion list was initiated by EBLIDA on 30 May 1996 under the ECUP+ Concerted Action . The aim of the list is to allow librarians and information professionals throughout Europe to discuss:

  • European legislative developments and policies;
  • interpretation and scope of national copyright laws;
  • how the existing "user rights" under copyright apply to the use of electronic material;
  • the library position on Interlibrary Loan (ILL) of electronic material;
  • licensing issues and European Copyright Management Systems (ECMS);
  • the implementation of the Directive on lending rights;
  • copyright duration issues, etc.
The list will also update you on the copyright discussions in the USA. Every week, the moderator will publish a summary of the discussions which appeared on the CNI-copyright discussion list.

The list is also open for announcements on events, publications, new sites, proposals for legislation, etc.

You can join the list by sending an e-mail to (email removed) and type in the message box: subscribe ecup-list .

For more information on the ECUP+ Concerted Action or this discussion list please contact Ms Emanuella Giavarra at the folloywing e-mail address: (email removed)

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