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The Role of Libraries
in the Information Society
Luxembourg - Background Information

Updated: 05 NOV 98

In connection with research on the role of libraries in the information society , we have collected a fair amount of information on how the situation is evolving in different countries. This document provides background information on Luxembourg.

Generic data

In 1993, Luxembourg had 395,000 inhabitants and an area of 2586 sq. km., giving a population density of 153 inhabitants per square kilometre. In 1990, Luxembourg spent 0.12% of its GDP on libraries.

Higher education libraries

Higher education libraries in Luxembourg had one service point in 1990. The number of volumes in book collections was 269,000 and there were 5321 registered users.

Public libraries

Public libraries in Luxembourg had 5 service points in 1990. The number of volumes in book collections was 613,000 and there were 43.5 thousand registered users.

Statistical data on libraries

The total number of titles in UDC classes in 1992 was 412, in contrast with 334 in 1991.

The Luxembourgish National Bibliography provides the following:

Year Number of titles
1990 372
1991 334
1992 417
1993 424
1994 523
1995 not available
1996 not available

Libraries and Internet

In Luxembourg, there is only one public library on the Web, and information from the Ministry of Culture can be obtained in the National Library of Luxembourg homepage. Information about the national network for education and research (RESTENA) is also available on the Web.

Policy issues on libraries

In Luxembourg there is no national R&D; policy in the library field .

Additional background information

Our page on National Programmes and Initiatives on Libraries in the Information Society is being constantly updated as we learn of pertinent policy information.

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