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Telematics for Libraries Music resources,
projects and service

Updated: 23 NOVEMBER 2000


In connection with the HARMONICA concerted action on music information services, a number of links are presented here for those interested in researching background material.

The Web contains literally thousands of references to the world of music and is equally rich on library technologies and services. The links below have therefore been chosen as an initial guide to the vast amount of information which is currently available.

Current European Projects

  • CANTATE , Computer Access to Notation and Text in Music Libraries
  • IMPRIMATUR , Intellectual Multimedia Property Rights Model and Terminology for Universal Reference
  • JUKEBOX , Applying Telematic Technologies to Improve Public Access to Audio Archives
  • MODE , Music on Demand
  • PARAGON , SR Target Development as a Paragon for Catalogue Systems (access to music archives)
  • GREATCOM , Great Composers - the multimedia reference on European classical music heritage
  • MAEMH , Multimedia Access to European Musical Heritage
See also SVB's list of European Music Projects

International Associations

  • IAMIC - International Association of Music Information Centres
  • IAML - International Association of Music Libraries (UK Homepage). See also International Index
  • IASPM - International Association for the Study of Popular Music
  • ICCM - International Center for Choral Music
  • IFCM - International Federation for Choral Music
  • RISM - Répertoire International des Sources Musicales

General Resources

  • Aardvark's Archive of General Musical Interest - A fun and educational resource from St Louis spotlighting all things musical on the Web
  • Ana & Luca's music pages - An interesting site presenting unpublished classical and operatic works by Mayr, Pacini, Donizetti, Cimarosa, Zingarelli includingcomplete operas and free download: Midi files, libretti, musical scores
  • Centre d'Art Polyphonique d'Alsace - Information on the Musica service for choral music
  • Centre de Solutions Musicales : A project which aims more particularly to promote the qualities and specific characters of European musical know-how as well as the very rich European musical heritage
  • Choir Links - An attempt to link choirs by listing their URLs
  • ChoralNet - The Internet centre for choral music linking nearly all known websites related to choral music as well as related subjects
  • Chöre im Internet - A German site on choral music providing a very detailed list of pertinent links in Germany and elsewhere.
  • Harmony Music List - UC San Diego Music Library
  • IRCAM - The homepage of the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique at the Pompidou Centre
  • McGill University Faculty of Music and the McGill University Faculty of Music project
  • MCPS - Mechanical Copyright Protection Society
  • Moscow State Conservatory - A comprehensive overview of departments and services are now available in English
  • Musica - An international database of choral music
  • Music Homepages of the World - Maintained by Biblioteca Braidense
  • Music Pavilion - A few hi-tech links from the Internet 1996 World Exposition
  • Music Resources: Academic Sites - Links, including several interesting European sites maintained by the University of Indiana
  • On-line Music Dictionary compiled by Jon Michael Lincicum
  • Operissimo - A well indexes site on opera
  • PADS - The Performing Arts Data service from the University of Glasgow maintains an excellent list of music resources and projects
  • PATRON - An eLib project from the UK for developing on-demand audio, video, scores and text for music and dance.
  • SBN databases - These include the music database of 200,000 items as well as the national sound archive database
  • Sibelius Academy - Extremely well structured list of links covering most aspects of music
  • Sonances - A new Canadian journal on music supported by an interesting site on the music scene worldwide (also available in French)
  • University of Michigan Music Library - Contains many interesting links to internal and external info
  • University of Washington Libraries - The page on music libraries projects contains a number of interesting links
  • Variations Project - From the School of Music at the University of Indiana: aims to set up improved access to music including CD quality on-line network delivery
  • Virtual Library - Music - WWW virtual library
  • Music at UCC - The University College Cork's resources for study and research in music

Music Information Centres country by country

  • Australia: Australian Music Centre
  • Belgium: CeBeDeM, Belgian Documentation Centre for Serious Contemporary Music
  • Brazil: Centro de Documentação de Música Contemporânea
  • Canada: Canadian Music Centre
  • Czech Republic: Czech Music Information Centre
  • Denmark: Musik Information Danmark
  • Finland: The Finnish Music Information Centre
  • France: IRCAM - Centre de Documentation de la Musique Contemporaine
  • Germany: MIZ - Deutsches Musikinformationszentrum
  • Iceland: the Icelandic Music Page
  • Ireland: contemparary music centre
  • Italy: Biblioteca Braidense
  • Netherlands: Donemus and Gaudeamus
  • Norway: Norsk Musikkinformasjon
  • Scotland: Scottish Music Information Centre
  • Slovakia: Music Information Centre of the Music Fund
  • Spain: Directory of Catalan Music - Information on Catalan composers, performers, etc., with some interesting links to other international sites
  • Sweden: Svensk Musik
  • United States: American Music Information Center

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