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Updated: 29 MAR 99

Report on the situation of Libraries, museums and archives
in the EU Member States and EFTA Countries

Prepared by the Libraries Sector National Focal Points
and compiled by the European Commission, DGXIII/E-4
"Electronic publishing and Libraries"

National Focal Points for the Libraries Sector of the European Commission's Telematics Applications Programme were established in the early 90s by all EU Member States and by other European countries to act as an interface between the Programme and the complex and disparate library world in each country. They have also worked to promote the sector's activities and results and to assist proposers and participants requiring sector-specific advice and information.

At the Libraries NFP meeting 10 October 1997 in Madrid, there was a lively discussion on the role of libraries, museums and archives in connection with the Commission's Fifth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development which is to be finalised before the end of 1998.

The delegates at the meeting thought that it would be interesting to investigate the structure of cultural institutions in the various Member States and EFTA countries as well as the relationships between them. This would allow comparisons to be made from country to country and would provide a broad idea of the state of play at national level in these areas.

It was then decided that each NFP should draft a short report on libraries, museums and archives in their country, based on common guidelines.

The reports, which have not been edited, present an unofficial account from the NFPs of some of the key developments in each country. Any amendments and additions should be sent, preferably by e-mail, to the NFP representative responsible.

Reports are available for the following countries:

European Commission
DG XIII Telematics for Libraries
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