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Telematics for Libraries - Projects


Updated: 22 NOV 99
Project Number and Title
5601 - European Forum for Implementors of Library Automation
Programme/Action line Call Topic(s) Start End Project Duration
in Months
FP 4/ Concerted Action 4 January 1998

Keywords : document access/delivery (electronic); interlibrary loan; SR/Z39.50; standards

blue bullet Additional information is available on the EFILA web site . (

Accompanying Measure

This is an accompanying measure in the area of the implementation of open standards for library automation.

Call Topic(s)

Call topic 4: Creating and testing interconnected library services, integrating applications for at least two different library service functions.

Project description

EFILA97 aims to support and stimulate the interchange of information and experience between European libraries in the area of application protocols for networked services, in order to make it possible to reuse and share European know-how. This should contribute to enhanced and interoperable European networked library services. EFILA97 extends the series of EFILA meetings which began in 1995.

Organisational approach

Impact on the standardisation work will be achieved via the co-operation and liaison to be established with the international groups which are discussing and defining such standards.

Liaison is being established (or continued) with:

  • the Z39.50 Implementors Group (ZIG),
  • ISO (TC46, WG4),
  • IFOBS,
  • the ILL Protocol Implementors Group (IPIG), and
  • the GEDI group.

Liaison will also be sought with other European groups using the Z39.50 standard as a basis for further work. For instance, liaison will be established with the Protocol Task Team (PTT) of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS). This group is working on the definition of a Catalogue Interoperability Protocol (CIP). This Z39.50 based protocol will be used for searching multiple catalogues of the CEOS member organisations.

The ILL SIG is open to all European projects implementing the ILL protocol. The Request for Comments (RFC), describing how to implement ILL over TCP/IP, as developed by the FP3 project DALI , is the starting point for discussion. Projects such as PRIDE , UNIVERSE and ONE II will be represented on the SIG.

The EDD SIG will discuss and identify the need for European profiles and/or Implementor Agreements. Projects such as UNIVERSE and DECOMATE II will be represented on this SIG.

Key issues

The key issue for EFILA97 is to stimulate the use of international ICT standards for library automation and networking. EFILA97 supports the use of internationally recognised and agreed standards as a basic principle. The Z39.50 version 3 standard (ISO 23950) and the ILL standard (ISO10161/10162) are both approved international standards.

Actions and Results

ZIG meetings were held in January and June 1998, at which European interests were represented by EFILA97.

The work of EFILA97 is centred around the general, plenary meetings. These meetings are held four times each year and will normally address one or two specific themes. Projects are invited to give presentations and experts are asked to present papers relevant to the themes. The CASA and PRIDE projects (among others) were presented at the November 1998 EFILA meeting in Rome.

The general meetings also serve as the forum for feedback from the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and for feedback from the liaison with other groups.

The SIGs work via the Web for dissemination and a moderated EFILA list server, which has 200+ participants.


EFILA97 supports and guides projects implementing networked library systems and facilitates cross-fertilisation of implementation experience.
EFILA97 will also help broaden and extend the use of open international standards by European implementors and suppliers of IT systems for Libraries. This will increase the applicability and the competitiveness of commercial systems.
Implementation guidelines for ILL and EDD (electronic document delivery) will be produced by the two special interest groups (SIGs).

Documentation can be obtained from the contact below and from EFILA web site .


Name of Institution/Organisation Postal Code / City Country
Fischer & Lorenz A/S DK 2900 Hellerup DK
Title, First Name, Name Gordon PEDERSEN Address: Tuborg Parkvej 10
Tel: + 45 39 45 07 00 Fax: + 45 39 45 77 00
E-mail 1: (email removed) E-mail 2:

Other Partners

Name of Institution/Organisation Country Role
Dansk Bibliotek Center A/S DK P
Fretwell Downing Data Ltd. UK P
Dansk Standard DK P
sources. By providing education courses, libraries have

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