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Telematics for Libraries - Project


Updated: 23 APR 98
Project Number and Title
2076 - Fast Document Ordering and Document Delivery
Programme/Action line Call Topic(s) Start End Project Duration
in Months
FP 3/ III Theme 14 February 1994 March 1996 26
document access/delivery (electronic); networking; EURO-ISDN;X.400

Access to and/or delivery of documents (Theme 14)
Project description
The objective of the project was to develop and test a prototype of a fast electronic document ordering and document delivery system based on an already existing digital journal image archive and in-house delivery system.
Although the facilities for on-line searching and on-line ordering have dramatically improved over the last years, the access to the actual documents still requires a substantial amount of time. The growing significance of on-line ordering has inevitably led to an increased need for rapid provision of documents.
The project aimed to demonstrate the technical feasibility of the setting up of a document delivery service in the area of chemical journals by combining on-line searching, electronic ordering and electronic delivery. The system is fast (5 minutes from order to [fax] delivery), user friendly , reasonably priced and economically viable.
Technical approach
FASTDOC comprised twelve work-packages, as follows:
  • Specifications , with project plan, hardware and software acquisitions and system development;
  • Delivery Component , being the installation of software tools for the integration of fax servers;
  • Receiving/Administration Components to install and test the LAN, mail server and administration computer;
  • In-house Database & PC Ordering to install ordering component on local systems with connection to public networks;
  • On-line Host Ordering to enhance document order functions of the STN host retrieval software and create order transfer components using an X.400 mailbox.;
  • Alpha Testing of order and delivery components;
  • On-line Host Implementation by installing the ordering system on the on-line host;
  • Beta testing of the fully operational system;
  • Implementation as a routine service in the partner libraries;
  • User Questionnaire for better understanding of user demand relating to a global fast document delivery service;
  • Statistical Evaluations of user behaviour;
  • Dissemination of Results , culminating, at the end of the project, with a specially convened workshop.
Tests were carried out in Germany, Spain and Greece with the involvement of associated partners.
Key issues
  • examination of user requirements, and national infrastructures;
  • development and integration of delivery, ordering and administrative components;
  • copyright;
  • user statistics.
Impact and results
The significance of the project lied in the high speed of document ordering and delivery and in the size of the database - a thirty-year archive of chemical information, scanned to high standards - now shown by the prototype to be potentially available for distribution on demand, over different channels, to anywhere in Europe.
The primary beneficiaries were the libraries and the end-users. At the end of the project a workshop was organised in Patras. The proceedings of this workshop have been published (ISBN 3-00-000829-2).
Deliverables received are of confidential or restricted classification because of commercial implications. Apart from the implemented prototype, they include:
  • Detailed project specification;
  • Delivery component descriptions;
  • Receiving and administration components;
  • In-house database and PC order-ing report;
  • Two reports on On-line host ordering.
  • Results of user questionnaires and recommendations;
  • Report on alpha tests;
  • User statistics;
  • Final project report.


Name of Institution/Organisation Postal Code / City Country
Beilstein Institut D - 60486 FRANKFURT AM MAIN DE
Title, First Name, Name
Address: Varrentrappstrasse 40-42
Tel: +49-69-79 17 422 Fax: +49-69-79 17 699
E-mail 1:
E-mail 2:
Contact Postal Code / City Country
Dr. Reinhard ECKER D - 60435 FRANKFURT
Institution/Organisation ABC Datenservice GmbH Address: Am Wasserturm 6
E-mail : (email removed)
E-mail 2 :

Other Partners

Name of Institution/Organisation Country Role
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona ES P
University of Patras GR P
Fachsinformationszentrum Karlsruhe DE P
Universitat Rovira i Vergili Biblioteca ES A
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya ES A
Universitat de Barcelona, Biblioteca de Fisica i Quimica ES A
Conware Computer Consulting GmbH DE A
Institut Quimic de Sarria, Universitat Ramon Llull ES A
Hellenic Documentation Centre GR A
University Library of Crete GR A
University of Thessaloniki, Library of Department of Chemistry GR A
University of Ioannina, Library of Department of Chemistry GR A

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