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These projects were part of Framework Programme 4.
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Telematics for Libraries - Projects


Updated: 15 DEC 99
Project Number and Title
5605 - The Convergence of Libraries, Archives and Museums under the Influence of Networking Technologies, Pre-session seminar of the IFLA Conference 1998
Programme/Action line Call Topic(s) Start End Project Duration
in Months
FP 4/Accompanying Measure Not applicable December 1997 November 1998

Keywords : dissemination of results; exploitation of results

The proceedings for the Ifla Seminar Convergence in the digital age: challenges for libraries, museums and archives , held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 13 - 14 August 1998, are now available

Accompanying Measure

This is an accompanying measure to promote the Telematics for Libraries Programme's results

Call Topic(s)

Not applicable

Project description

IFLA EU was an accompanying measure to organise a two-day pre-session seminar on the Telematics for Libraries Programme in the frame of the 64th International Federation of Libraries Associations (IFLA) General Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, August 16 - August 21 1998. The seminar theme was "The Convergence of Libraries, Archives and Museums under the Influence of Networking Technologies".

Organisational approach

A single contractor, TNO-STB, organised the event, which was attended by 125 participants.
The target audience was from the three sectors.
The programme included speakers from the three domains who discussed common issues and problems in introducing new technologies and in developing new telematics services.
A number of Libraries projects that are relevant in these domains were presented, including NEDLIB , ELISE II , VAN EYCK and ECUP+ .

Key issues

The key issues were:

  • To create a strong link with the Telematics for Libraries Programme.
  • To study the common issues facing the three types of institutions (libraries, archives and museums) in Europe and the way that they jointly use the new information technologies.
  • To develop new ideas for co-operation in the information technologies field.
  • To look at the process of standardisation at different levels.

Actions and results

The seminar had two objectives:

  • To more widely disseminate the results of the Telematics for libraries Programme.
  • To develop and present an analysis of the consequences of the tendencies of convergence between memory institutions, such as libraries, museums and archives, for their future work and for the formulation of strategies for co-operation between these.


The immediate results of the seminar were wider dissemination of the results of the Telematics for Libraries programme to those attending the pre-conference, a group of key librarians, archivists and museum experts from all over the world. The seminar also generated new ideas for the definition of strategies for co-operation in a digital environment of libraries, archives and museums.
Longer term results will be achieved by the publication and wide distribution among libraries, archives and museums of the conference proceedings and the dissemination by conference participants (multipliers) of the new ideas for co-operation developed during the event.


Name of Institution/Organisation Postal Code / City Country
TNO-STB 2600 JD Delft, Postbox 6030 NL
Title, First Name, Name Johan van de Walle Address: Schoemakerstraat 97
Tel: +31 15 26954 55 Fax: +31 15 269 54 60
E-mail 1: (email removed) E-mail 2:
  • Prototyping of Interfaces
    The project focused on providing graphical interfaces

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