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These projects were part of Framework Programme 4.
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Telematics for Libraries - Projects


Updated: 22 NOV 99

Project Number and Title

4039 - Integrated Library Information Education and Retrieval System
Programme/Action line Call Topic(s) Start End Project Duration
in Months
FP 4/ A 1 August 1996

Keywords : library catalogues; multimedia; public library services; services for children; training; user interface; World Wide Web

blue bullet Additional information is available from the ILIERS Web site . (

Action Line

Action Line A: Network-oriented internal library systems

Call Topic(s)

Call Topic 1: Integration tools and interfaces for library systems in the local network

Project description

ILIERS aims to develop a multimedia library information system to give all categories of library users more effective access to information available in the local public library and in the local community. The main focus is to develop multimedia facilities permitting users of different types and with different requirements to enjoy more integrated access to information, education and retrieval via a common interface. The system is based on a set of modules designed to accommodate different languages and cultural adaptations.

Technical Approach

The demonstrator is based on the following technical criteria:

  • A server gateway facilitating access using an HTML front-end client
  • Implementation of hypertext inter-faces to facilitate browsing and querying of the library information resources
  • Extension to wide-area access (WAN) allowing several servers and local and remote clients (via Internet, modem or ISDN connections)
  • Integration of multimedia elements (via hard-disk or CD-ROM) accessible to LAN clients and remote clients via ISDN.

Exploitation is based on user feedback received from experience with the demonstrator and seeks to establish the public library as the foremost information centre in the community.
Dissemination of project information has been achieved through articles, presentations at conferences and workshops. An ILIERS information leaflet was prepared and an ILIERS Website created.

Key issues

The project addressed the issues of:

  • User-friendly interfaces,
  • Integration of local networked resources,
  • Developing a user training model linked to local catalogues,
  • Introductory information adapted to various user types, including students, children of different ages and the elderly,
  • Access from both inside and outside the library.

The main issues explored were:

  • Integrated access to a variety of library and community information services.
  • Ease of use based on graphical user interfaces.
  • Tools to facilitate children's access to library services.
  • The need to safeguard the role of the public library in providing information to the local community.
  • A standardised approach suitable for use with many different library systems.


The project exploits new developments in networking and interfacing so that businesses, institutions and individuals can access information from the local library and from other sources in the local community. This can bring the citizen closer to the information resource with a resulting improvement in facilities for educational and leisure-oriented services.
The project has been successful in developing an animated interface aimed at introducing public library services to children of different ages. Marketing prospects include libraries in Denmark, the other Nordic countries, Portugal and the European Union at large. More than a thousand libraries could benefit from the systems.


Main deliverables from the project, not all of which are for public release, are:

  • User analysis report
  • Report on OPAC access
  • Prototype design report and prototype system
  • Functional specification for infrastructure
  • Design report and demonstrator for children's information system
  • Infrastructure users manual
  • Training programme for infrastructure
  • Newsletters
  • Annual and Final project reports

Documentation is available from the conact below and from ILIERS Web site .


Name of Institution/Organisation Postal Code / City Country
Courseware Scandinavia DK - 2100 COPENHAGEN DK
Title, First Name, Name Mrs Anne-Grete Gadsbøll Address: Oslo Plads 14
Tel: + 45 35 43 36 35 Fax: + 45 35 43 61 01
E-mail 1: (email removed) E-mail 2:

Other Partners

Name of Institution/Organisation Country Role
Digital Equipment Corp., AS DK P
Kungsbacka Bibliothek SE P
Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores PT P
Hillerød Bibliotek DK P
Cámara Municipal do Barreiro PT P
Cámara Municipal de Palmela PT P
Länsbibliotek Halland SE A

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